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INR Star protocol
Morning everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone has any Protocols for inr star, that thy would be will to share? How do you run your clinics..? I....
09 August 2013 07:56 -
Posted by anni - Topic read 278 times today (7 replies)
Hi everyone, Fe... a bit stressed. After baby clinic today, one of the mother's rang she was really upset as her baby's leg started turning bl....
22 July 2014 06:59 -
Posted by rose_83 - Topic read 276 times today (11 replies)
to glove or not to glove.... Do you wear gloves when taking blood or giving injections?/ P... i do if a patient has an infectious disease. it ....
15 July 2014 12:16 -
Posted by nursejules - Topic read 212 times today (28 replies)
Over granulating wound
Hi have a patient with an over granulating wound waiting for silver cell from chemist not sure what to dress it with in the mean time. Any suggestions....
02 January 2013 09:43 -
Posted by pretty&pink - Topic read 189 times today (14 replies)
oxygen and chest pain
Hi all I am CCU trained but now in general practice . We were always taught to give oxygen with cardiac pain but today I saw a chap who had inferior ....
21 July 2014 09:38 -
Posted by alicog - Topic read 170 times today (10 replies)
Keeping up to date with travel
Just letting those of you know who have not yet used it, Jane chiodini has links to past published artices re travel update subjects and they are well....
18 March 2014 01:33 -
Posted by karen.rudd - Topic read 159 times today (13 replies)
Ear Care
Hi there, I know the debate around to irrigate or not irrigate has well and truely been exhausted on here but would like some advise from those of yo....
27 March 2014 02:52 -
Posted by notnets - Topic read 92 times today (6 replies)
Hep a
Sorry to ask this but been told 2 different things. When booster dose given for hep a how long does that protect them for? Was told 20 years now been....
22 July 2014 06:28 -
Posted by Leanne8742 - Topic read 79 times today (5 replies)
blue or green needle
Interested to see whether you use blue or green needle for gluteal injections
21 July 2014 09:56 -
Posted by pindi123 - Topic read 78 times today (7 replies)
Hi all Im interviewing next week for a new nurse practitioner. Its been a while since i've had to interview anyone. Anyone got any nice but thought p....
23 July 2014 12:08 -
Posted by AJAY - Topic read 75 times today (0 replies)
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34 new jobs this week
London, NW1 • Practice Nurse - Primrose Hill Surgery
GP Practice in Primrose Hill, requires an experienced Practice Nurse to become part of the practice team from mid September 2014. We are looking for ....
This job offer was posted by PrimroseHillSurgery 23 July 2014
London • Practice Nurse - Ashville Surgery
PART TIME PRACTICE NURSE REQUIRED This is an opportunity to join our 5 doctor Practice with 2 nurses, 1 HCA and 10,300 patients. We are a friendly....
This job offer was posted by NigelBurnell 21 July 2014
London NW2 • Nurse Practitioner (prescriber) - Chichele Road Surgery
Part Time experienced Nurse Practitioner Required (Independent prescriber ) – Wednesdays 9am-1pm Fridays 9am-1pm (4 hours a week) ideally starting fro....
This job offer was posted by IR25 18 July 2014
Grove Park London • Practice Nurse Lead - Baring Road Medical Centre
Full Time EXPERIENCED Practice Nurse Lead Required – 37 Hours per week (Would consider 2 part time job shares) An exciting opportunity, 3 Dr (6,0....
This job offer was posted by tuhin 15 July 2014
Norfolk • Practice Nurse - Ludham & Stalham Green Surgeries
Ludham & Stalham Green Surgeries require an enthusiastic Practice Nurse to join our busy practice based over two sites. We are a friendly, rural, 3 pa....
This job offer was posted by LauraHalls 09 July 2014
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Colchester • Practice nurse
Am looking to start a career in general practice - have just over 6 months community experience
03 July 2014
wirral • nurse practitioner/prescriber
I am an advanced practitioner with 10 years prescribing experience, I am looking to move to wirral from Liverpool to be nearer home.
02 July 2014
surrey/kent/london • practice nurse
hi. im a fully qualified practice nurse/practitio... looking for locum work in the south east. fully recent crb check
01 July 2014
Berkshire • Occupational Health Practice Nurse
Since beginning my Practice Nurse career over fourteen years ago I have become highly skilled in all treatment room duties. I have specialised in sexu....
18 June 2014
berkshire • Occupational Health Practice Nurse
Since beginning my Practice Nurse career over fourteen years ago I have become highly skilled in all treatment room duties. I have specialised in sexu....
18 June 2014
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