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Interview presentation

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Posted:  18-Sep-2012 13:18

I have an interview next week for a practice nurse position!!

I have to give a 5-10 minute presentation on \"The role of the Practice Nurse in general practice!\"

I''m so stuck on how to put it together, what info to put in and what to leave out?? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Sam :) xxxx


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Posted:  18-Sep-2012 14:41
Presentations aren't that difficult if you stick to this simple format:

Tell them what you're about to tell them.
Tell them.
Tell them what you've just told them.

And open with, "Good afternoon. My name is SammyK and today I'd like to tell you what I think "The role of the Practice Nurse in general practice" is." or similar.

And if you're using PowerPoint, make sure you have it on a memory stick and email, as well as a "notes" copy for each of the people present.

As for the content - over to the PNs.

Good luck!

(Please be aware that I am a Practice Manager / Monster (delete, as appropriate!) and that this is my opinion only. I do not represent any other body or organisation. Nor do I necessarily have any specific qualifications on this matter and am basing my opinion on experience and common sense only).

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Posted:  18-Sep-2012 16:51
I agree with Av, and try not to let it over run. Definately print paper copies, several so you can hand them around. I once had an interview and despite the memory stick it wouldn't open on their lap top, I did the presentation from the paper copies, and got the job.


The post above is my own opinion, I'm not always right.

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Posted:  18-Sep-2012 18:21
Content.Look at the general treatment room nurse role (Im presuming you are new to PN ing) Consider the role and the tasks within it.So look at travel vaccs. how could you get training for this? This generates an income stream so is to be encouraged.This is just one tiny example and their are loads of others (dont just talk about travel)Mention commissioning and mention QOF even if its just to acknowledge that you need to know about them.Basically  keep it short and to the point. What can you bring that you need?? Are you an intuitive professional who is keen to develop her role?? Tell them that. Willow


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Posted:  19-Sep-2012 17:18
hi being 6 mths into first ever practice nurse job I know how you feel.
I would mention that you are there to take some pressure of the gp''s and be there to assist, educate, review and monitor patients in long term conditions eg diabetes, copd, asthma. Also would be aware of quofs and maybe mention that it is better to treat and manage patients well in primary care to try and avoid hospital admissions (costly and not nice for patient maybe add some stats)
Also could say that you expect it to be asteep learning curve but enjoy a challenging environment and enjoy patient contact.
I love the job so much coming from ICU background it is very different and great having such close patient contact. Best move I ever made, good luck xxx


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Posted:  21-Sep-2012 17:00
Thank you ladies

Think i''m sort of sorted for my presentation??

Bit upset as my doggy has to be put to sleep but have had to put it off until next week after interview as can''t think straight!! :(

One more question please?? I have very limited knowledge about commissioning, can any of you shed light on it in a nutshell please?? All the articles I have read have rattled on and my brain mush at mo!! :)

Sam xxx


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Posted:  24-Sep-2012 09:49
Commissioning is devolving the decision-making from the PCT to the GPs (and the responsibility of the finances too). PCTs will be disbanded and Commissioning Boards will be set up. The theory being that the GPs will have a better idea of what their patients need than the PCT.

Some Commissioning Boards have nurse and / or PM presence, some just GPs. They must also liase with local government.

It's difficult to keep it simple, but that's sort of it.

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Posted:  16-Oct-2014 15:43
i am also very interested in going into practice nursing.
i am a clinical nurse specialist in pain management but was a sister in ITU and A&E for many years.
I want to shadow a practice nurse for a couple of shifts.

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Posted:  16-Oct-2014 19:46
Where are you geographically melanie?

Please be informed that the above is the opinion of the author and is in no way meant to be taken as instruction.

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Posted:  16-Oct-2014 22:34
Would suggest contacting surgeries who are training practices, they will be used to explaining their roles. The difficulty is gp surgeries are businesses and some practice managers , and some gp's would ask " what's in it for us?!" Having someone sit in as u will no doubt have found in yr own role makes the clinic slower and patients have appointments booked back to back. You need to find someone willing to give u their time and make their day a little more challenging in the process.
Google suggests u are in the clapham area of london, it may be worth considering changing yr username if u take up a post so that questions u ask are a little more anonymous. If u take the month's free trial membership u can change yr username if u need to. U don't need to provide payment details to do that.
Check out the new to practice nursing section of the forum ( click on all forums) it will give u lots of advice about the role and the skills needed.
You have a really good mix of clinical and therapeutic skills. Practice nursing is not fabulously paid, even with london weighting and this is worth checking out. Gp's rarely follow agenda for change, there is no payscale , pay rises are awarded at gp's discretion for skills learnt.
That said i find the job rewarding and fascinating, u seem to approach patients in a very holistic manner and that's very useful in this job. I often see people for ear irrigation or travel advice and end up signing them up for smoking cessation or COPD screening etc. hope u find someone to show u the role. If u have contact with local drug reps they maybe able to suggest friendly surgeries.

Faith x
Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.

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Posted:  16-Oct-2014 22:42
If you are in London pm me and I might know someone that could help you access pn training and placements

Please be informed that the above is the opinion of the author and is in no way meant to be taken as instruction.

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