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ECG TAKING with Bra in situ
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Posted:  22-Dec-2012 21:05 Log in to like this post
Hi all,
My HCA assures me that it is fine to take an ECG wihtout taking off a patients bra! After spending 5 years in CCU, I feel that the bra strap gets in the way of positioning the pads and so have continued to ask pts to remove when requiring an ECG. Can you tell me what you all do in primary care with ECG pad positioning! Am I just stuck in my ways when I say the bra strap is where the pads need to go??????

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Posted:  22-Dec-2012 21:09
I tend to ask patients to undo bra strap at back and then at least the bra covers them up a bit to give dignity and still allow me to have room and get the electrodes on.


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Posted:  22-Dec-2012 21:44
Surely an underwired bra would affect the recording??


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Posted:  23-Dec-2012 10:19 Log in to like this post
i am with you alicog i always ask them to remove bra and give them a sheet to cover up. For me the pads for 3,4,5,6 go right under whre a bra sits. i have no problems asking patients to undress as much as needed for any proceedure whilst always ensuring that they can maintain their dignity as far as possilble.

Not removing bra for ECG thoughdoes remind though of those asking if they need to take their knickers off for a smear !


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Posted:  23-Dec-2012 17:34 Log in to like this post
Im like Dotty and ask them toundo  the bra.. but I aways manage to get old ladies size 6 wearing these all in one girdles.. and Im needing an ecg by the time Ive got them stripped.. no idea why they wear them as they are so tiny anyway

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Posted:  23-Dec-2012 22:07
I was taught that the bra needs to be removed, and have always done so, however our HCA said she was taught on her HCA training that you dont need to remove the bra.

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Posted:  24-Dec-2012 00:26
Can,t possibly see how you can do an ECG properly with a bra on. Shy ones are given a piece of couch toll to hide their modesty but most don't care.

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Posted:  24-Dec-2012 16:39
I must be despeartely insensitive as i just ask them to take everything off from waist upwards and no-one has ever questioned me....perhaps i sound too authoritative and they are too scared to challenge me........must watch out for bashful people and be a bit more sensitive I think!

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Posted:  24-Dec-2012 20:02
We always ask people to strip from the waist up but I had one recently and was told to keep my bra on. We cover women with a sheet and work around that. Never had anyone question us or complain


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Posted:  27-Dec-2012 09:02 Log in to like this post
I worked for a number of years in emergency care - could do ECGs in my sleep !!!!, could have patients in all matter of poisitions and amount of clothing etc. Never had a problem either way, keep bra on (but unclipped at the back) or off..........was a little unnerved once though, as my patient was a bloke !...[:D]


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Posted:  28-Dec-2012 10:53
I was taught to remove the bra re metal affectinmg the ecg, then a new nurse started who didn't so a year ago I stopped removing bras,I do occasionally ask them to be undone ,pts are more relaxed with them on and with big ladies the bra helps to hold them up making it easier to put 3,4,5,and 6 in place the ecgs all seem fine.
I do ask for moblies to be off and many older patients can't do this and you can see the interference when on.I did have a few younger ones insisting on leaving them on flight mode, does anyone know if that is ok, I write on the ecg pt kept phone on if they do

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Posted:  02-Jan-2013 21:19
I do ask patients to remove their bra but what about the watch?

I agree with pjkaz! I also worked in A&E for some years, it's amazing what positions you have to do ECG's in with no problem (and that's just the nurse)!!


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Posted:  04-Jan-2013 23:05

It's really not a problem. My training - and I am a coronary nurse - never mentioned bras. There are many fine online instructions which never mention bras.I guess some things are best left to logic and experience. With five years experience you should have the confidence and also the ability to read and place the ecg's fairly well.

Keep the bra loose and use your hands to position the leads in the appropriate places on her skin. It can create insecurity and discomfort, yes, but gives the patient her dignity. You do not even need to see much of anything but the leads and placing points. It is your experience and confidence which will guide you as to whether it's a good or bad ecg.

Of course the easiest way is with her top raised or open and screens drawn. Then cover again once you are ready, to preserve dignity and warmth. But yes, ECG's can be as accurate with bras on as well as off.


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Posted:  04-Jan-2013 23:15 Log in to like this post
I tell ladies to keep their bra on, have never been taught different. I just pull it out of the way and lift it to stick the pads on. The really awkward one I find is number 3 as you either have to stick your hand up/down bra can be uncomfortable for some ladies. Then theres the hairy men who leave with checkerboard chests [}:)]

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Posted:  11-Jan-2013 19:15
It's a bit like going to the hairdressers and expecting to leave your hat on :))
I always ask the patient to strip to the waist. Giving the ladies a sheet to cover themselves with.
However I remember asking a male patient to do the same, I left the room to collect another paper roll. When I came back into the he was laying on the couch stark naked !! Very Embarrasing for us both !


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Posted:  12-Jan-2013 11:09 Log in to like this post
Since reading this thread, I tried to do an ECG with bra on but unclipped, got to say, I did not like it, felt worse groping around to place lead 3 than just asking to pts to take bra off and use couch roll to cover.
I'll continue to ask for bra off.


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Posted:  13-Jan-2013 07:32 Log in to like this post
I heard at my ECG course that there are more right bundle branch blocks incorrectly diagnosed if you leave the patients bra on. To do with lead placements as like understood so I always remove. Comes back to correct lead placement in the end though.

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Posted:  30-Jun-2013 22:07
You can record an ECG using limb leads and V1 and V2 but you need to be able to take the bra off to record V3-V6.

Positioning the ECG electrodes above (V3) or below (V4-V6) the bra is likely to lead to unusual ECG recordings and to inaccurate reporting.

Hope this helps

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Posted:  01-Jul-2013 03:00 Log in to like this post
Should all watches and metal jewellery be removed?

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Posted:  01-Jul-2013 19:07
I ask ladies to completely undress their top half, including all jewellery & watches.
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