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Over granulating wound

372 Posts

Posted:  02-Jan-2013 21:43
Hi have a patient with an over granulating wound waiting for silver cell from chemist not sure what to dress it with in the mean time. Any suggestions, he has been having just mepore with other nurse.

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Posted:  02-Jan-2013 21:49
Where abouts is the wound? 
You could try Haelan tape if they are able to change it themselves daily.  If not then lyofoam or similar should help over granulation. 

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Posted:  02-Jan-2013 21:50
I think this has been discussed very recently, try the search forum facility.

1215 Posts

Posted:  03-Jan-2013 08:00
i find allevyn foam does the trick

This is only my opinion....

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Posted:  04-Jan-2013 07:16 Log in to like this post
You could try Trimovate cream if GP willing to prescribe. Not it's primary use, but it's great for over granulating wounds.

536 Posts

Posted:  04-Jan-2013 10:06
Depending where the wound is use either Dermovate cream or Betnovate RD, Dermovate typically only needs 3 days of treatment to resolve the over-granulation. Consider the reasons for over-granulation - silvercel is unlikely to do anything to the over-granulation tissue itself but may help t reduce colonisation if that is the cause of the over-granulation (though there are much better ways of doing this).

47 Posts

Posted:  04-Jan-2013 10:24
Hi, I have used allevyn foam sucessfully several times and its the cheaper option and always in the cupboard and takes 1-2 weeks if mild overgranualtion 2-3weeks if more change 2-3 times a week depending on exudate.
I have also used haelen tape a few years ago around pegs sites that repeatedly overgranualted every few months we had to put on for 12hours aday then remove for 12hours for 10days ,ok in a nursing home dificult as a practice nurse if regime still the same.
Both were pain free and effective.

99 Posts

Posted:  04-Jan-2013 19:29
I agree that Haelan tape is excellent as long as pt can change daily. I have had 2 great successes recently, one abdo wound which had been treated for months as a normal wound! Haelan tape got rid of a mass of over granulation. 

372 Posts

Posted:  04-Jan-2013 21:59
Thanks everyone for your advice. [:)]

3 Posts

Posted:  05-Jan-2013 09:50
Hi ? Swabbing to outrule critical colonisation/ infection may need some antibiotics then maybe introduced steroid into 3 rd day if infected. If all okay then I'd go with applying betnovate ointment and double up on a foam dressing flatten the wound down
Hope this helps x

12 Posts

Posted:  06-Jan-2013 20:44
Hi I have read an article that states that inadine dressings help with overgranualtion. I have used it on several occasions with success. I would try this before using topical steriods. good luck[:)]


536 Posts

Posted:  08-Jan-2013 17:12
Inadine will damage fibrinogen and as a result cause over granulation to reduce, but its slow. It quite good at preventing colonisation but not grat at treating it once its there as Iodine doesn't disrupt biofilms well. Foams typically help with over granulation by removing excess fluid from the wound and so reduce the moisture in the local environment, again can be very slow depending on your pt. topical steroids are very safe if used for short periods, especially if after a few days youre back to a point where the wound can epithelialise.
If its a chronic wound, I wouldn't bother swabbing, it will grow everything and anything, if you think critical colonisation might be the cause of the over granulation you should decolonize the wound with a PHMB irrigation solution such as prontosan or octenilin, follow manufacturer instructions for contact time.

9 Posts

Posted:  06-May-2014 11:00 Log in to like this post
I had couple of cases where the wound was over granulating . I requested our GP to use Silver Nitrate sticks and it works well.
After using silver nitrate I review them after couple of days and it works well. But then it depends upon where the wound is.


106 Posts

Posted:  06-May-2014 20:32
What would you all recommend if you thought it was due to a foreign body? i.e some sorbosan ribbon?

536 Posts

Posted:  07-May-2014 07:16
If you thought there was sorbsan ribbon still present, then just irrigate with tons of saline, it dissolves calcium alginate. If you think there is a FB stuck inside the wound, it needs to be explored one way or another...

2240 Posts

Posted:  09-Jan-2015 22:12
Silver nitrate (with care) very quick and easy for small areas.


10 Posts

Posted:  22-Mar-2015 10:44
Haelan Tape or ointment works wonderfully. Foams always used to work effectively also, do you have a first choice dressing list to work from? That should give you advice if you are ever stuck.

87 Posts

Posted:  23-Sep-2015 19:46
Look at why it's over granulated I have had some over granulated due to cancer if its not getting better with over granulation treatment then suggest to gp referral to dermatology review. We tend to use foam and another foam on top or inadine just continue to review and assess if decreasing
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