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Stool for dressing change

46 Posts

Posted:  13-Mar-2013 19:30

Does anyone have any idea where to buy a washable footstool from for dressing changing please? Do people use them? I ve checked out gp supplies but no luck.

363 Posts

Posted:  13-Mar-2013 19:36
NHS supply chain do them also dene healthcare.

208 Posts

Posted:  13-Mar-2013 21:18
I use a plastic step, not ideal I know.


4323 Posts

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Posted:  13-Mar-2013 21:46
At the risk of sounding thick..... how does a stool help? 

Worked on the community prior to my PN life and never had a stool. Just learnt to improvise.

424 Posts

Posted:  13-Mar-2013 22:40 Log in to like this post
is this stool for nurse to sit on??? If its for the patient, I just raise bed up to suitable height so leg is dangling off end, then I sit on chair and hey presto, all is grand (other than for those patients who are scared of heights!!)

613 Posts

Posted:  14-Mar-2013 10:20
I got one from poundstetcher £4.99


735 Posts

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Posted:  14-Mar-2013 10:21
we used to use the type that you get in shoe shops with the slant, also a place for the nurse to sit whilst doing the dressing change.

I used to wash them and scrub any indented parts with a nail brush, worked well/


1022 Posts

Posted:  14-Mar-2013 12:52
are we blessed with proper up and downy couches so neither the pt or the nurse has to bend - sts down - legs up and up we go!   Tak them into buying you them x

967 Posts

Posted:  14-Mar-2013 14:03
just put couch roll on the ridged step stool, not ideal I know.
have bought one of those folding step stools from wilkinsons before now but found it just got in the way. I would love a fancy couch!!


735 Posts

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Posted:  14-Mar-2013 15:00
our would not pay for an uppy downy one, they have also never heard of 'moving and handling'


46 Posts

Posted:  15-Mar-2013 11:24
it s for my pts in wheelchairs or pts that find getting on to the couch difficult. If you don't use a stool do you just put blue roll on the floor?

478 Posts

Posted:  15-Mar-2013 12:57
we use one of those plastic child steps, easily washed


1035 Posts

Posted:  15-Mar-2013 16:04
I have a nice round one - foam under plastic washable cover (cover is like the couch cover) and I can adjust the height.  For bandages I can move the stool to the back of the calf so toes hang over to start bandage from the toes and then move the stool for the new bandaged foot to rest on so can do the rest of the bandaging up the leg.  It is great but not sure where got it from but one of those catalogues that come to the surgery.


127 Posts

Posted:  19-Mar-2013 18:35
Yes I use a 'childs step', and a kneeling pad for my dear old knees.. helps take strain off my back, and can be scrubbed and wet wiped!


242 Posts

Posted:  19-Mar-2013 23:38 Log in to like this post
It does worry me when I hear of all the bending and kneeling that some nurse do. If,like me, you wont be claiming your state pension until you are 66years old then your body has a lot more strain to go through.I am putting forward a strong case for an up and down couch and with our CQC coming up I am intending to let it be known that we are compromising patients accessibility to care and safety.Plus causing unnecessary strain on our backs and knees.

2504 Posts

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Posted:  20-Mar-2013 07:29
Agree. I don't bend down for anyone's dressing. They go on the couch and are raised up to my level. Smear patients as well. I am constantly advising the other nurses to do the same. After a long hard working day, backache is guaranteed the following morning if I don't do this. Stool is a not an option.

I'd rather be knitting!
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