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shingles and flu can they be given together

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Posted:  26-Jun-2013 12:43
Hi all
attended our flu conference yesterday and so much talk about flu vaccine programme no time to discuss the other new introductions ie rotavirus and shingles vaccine?
I understand from a colleague you cant give along with pneumonia (if indicated).still waiting for PGD's locally.
does any one know

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Posted:  26-Jun-2013 12:57
then we're all doomed!

we are suppost to be able to  give flu and shingles together if needed  ...
i suspect this is a license/psd issue  but does anyone have solid info?

Please be informed that the above is personal opinion only.

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Posted:  26-Jun-2013 13:15
Zostavax is live - pneumovax is polysaccharide - theoretically I can't see why they could not be given together.

Ring the manufacturer (medical department) to ask - it may be just a licensing issue.

Rotavirus is live - but oral - even so - should theoretically be allowed to be given together.

I would ring the manufacturer and see if they can give you a rationale.

Please be aware this is my opinion only based on the evidence I have seen, and not meant to be taken as direction

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Posted:  26-Jun-2013 14:14
Just been on a study day.  Cannot give Shingles with Pneumo but ok to give with flu.  This is because there has been a decline in immunity seen with Zostavax when given together.  Need to leave a 4wk gap.   Just for reference Zostavax is licenced for 50+ and is a single dose sub-cut into deltoid.   In our area we will only be vaccinating ages 70 and 79.  Nothing inbetween.


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Posted:  26-Jun-2013 14:17
Forgot to say that the vaccine does not have a very high rate of preventing the infection (only around 51%) but what they are using it for is to reduce the incidences of post viral nerve pain (post herpatic neuralgia) which is very debilitating (around 65%).

Also it not to be given to patients on Methotrexate.


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Posted:  26-Jun-2013 14:39
We've just had a meeting with the rep and he has said what KatieMoore said. The government have bought so many doses only, its not available anywhere, even privately, outside of the nhs programme for 70 and 79 year olds. It can be given with flu, in opposite arms abut not pneumo. No issue on giving rotavirus and shingle together as rotavirus isn't suitable over the age of 6 months and shingles isnt suitable under the age of 70, now I have some bad days, and drug errors are only human, but even a very stressed and tired nurse should be able to tell the difference between a 6 months old and a 70 year old!

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