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HCA's and flu clinics

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Posted:  09-Sep-2013 13:35
Our HCA has been on trainning to give flu injections. She now has to be supervised giving 20 with a registered nurse.
Does this need to be done under PSD or can it be done with my PGD because I'm supervising.My thought is PSD signed by prescriber but would like to know what others would do
Many thanks


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Posted:  09-Sep-2013 13:43
She will need a PSD signed by a prescriber. Only registered nurses can work from PGDs.

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Posted:  15-Sep-2013 22:13
I have the same situation do I write a psd for every pt before she sees them I think it would be quicker to do it myself

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Posted:  16-Sep-2013 07:05
Yes it must be given under psd as she isn't a registered health care professional she cannot work to a pgd. Willow


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Posted:  16-Sep-2013 19:21
I print off list of patients to be jabbed - this can be a long list, then attach to signed PSD


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Posted:  23-Sep-2013 15:37
Your HCA will have been told at the training hopefully what a PSD is & why a PGD is not suitable.
For each of our patients an authorisation sheet is printed - states names of both our HCA and lists Flu annually, Pneumonia - once only, B12 - 3 monthly or as prescribed by GP. Relevant elements highlighted or irrelevant ones deleted, each sheet signed by prescriber and scanned into patient record for eternity. (hence annually for flu - no need for next year until HCA's move on)


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Posted:  23-Sep-2013 16:28
Can The psd be a print a sheet of the days clinic and sign: 'please give flu/ Pnue as per green book and usual usual contraindications ' ?

Please be informed that the above is personal opinion only.
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Clarets Helen

716 Posts

Posted:  23-Sep-2013 21:20
i write on the hca's list that all pts checked and flu to be administered as per psd and signed by me ( i am a prescriber)


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Posted:  23-Sep-2013 22:44
You can print out the clinic list and attach it to psd. We've been told to get all our clinics signed off during flu season so every eve I'll give list for next day to gp for checking and signing.

17 Posts

Posted:  26-Sep-2013 11:23
thank you for this information everyone, I do not have a HCA to help but I know another surgery who has one and she does the Flu inj but without a PSD. I will pass the message.
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