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bravery stickers

207 Posts

Posted:  31-Oct-2013 16:08
I know this has been posted before,but I can't find it!,where do you order vaccination bravery stickers for the kids?,isn't it sanofi?anyone got the website address?


12068 Posts

Posted:  31-Oct-2013 16:33
pound shop do pads full of suitable stickers
some pharma companies no longer produce them so worth contacting your reps for vaccine suppliers directly

you need to register on websites?



Please be informed that the above is the opinion of the author and is in no way meant to be taken as instruction. karen

1116 Posts

Posted:  31-Oct-2013 17:32
Google stickers for schools that do a great range and you can customise them
I got the idea from this site and love them
Also very cheap

1299 Posts

Posted:  31-Oct-2013 18:33
Sanofi used to do nice ones

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363 Posts

Posted:  31-Oct-2013 18:39
We get ours from sanofi or buy them from dene healthcare

637 Posts

Posted:  01-Nov-2013 08:28
GSK rep - freebies, on a long roll.

156 Posts

Posted:  01-Nov-2013 17:40
www.calpol.co.uk do lovely purple ones for free.


1666 Posts

Posted:  01-Nov-2013 22:04
Amazon or eBay :-)


225 Posts

Posted:  02-Nov-2013 06:57
Pound shop do some great ones...Hello KItty , THomas the Tank and Mooshi monsters (whoever they are!)  my clinics have never been so easy....that and a huge exciting bowl of lollies ...may not be PC but have been doing it that way for 25years..my clinics are fun...children leave with a slightly sore arm but a smile( not always!!) Have a good bonfire night ladies!
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