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Out of date medical supplies
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Posted:  13-Nov-2013 17:35
I have tried in vain to find a home for some out of date medical supplies eg oxygen masks, syringes , dressings etc etc but nobody wants them unless in date.
They are all sealed and very useable and could be re sterilsed. Any ideas? Seems a shame to bin them!!


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Posted:  13-Nov-2013 17:59
Have you got a local red cross or charity that send stuff abroad. They sometimes take OOD stock, Good hunting[:)]

1146 Posts

Posted:  13-Nov-2013 18:01
I've contacted redcross and they do not take.Nor do lots of other charities if out of date.

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Posted:  13-Nov-2013 18:56
I think Kruddy suggests the PDSA animal charity but not sure.


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Posted:  13-Nov-2013 19:18
What a shame.
Just been watching news on how desperate they are in Phillipines for any medical supplies and no charity wants to take this!! Even though lots will be travelling there and it is likley to be a longterm project.

Guess will have to try the PDSA then.Least it may have some use.

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Posted:  13-Nov-2013 19:26
I think that the question here is, is it ethical for those people to be treated with what are essentially, substandard supplies? I guess there is the potential to do more harm than good although I do understand your thinking.

I have just realised that Karen meant the PDSA for in date orange needles, not sure if they are happy for out of date supplies but would be interested to know how you get on.


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Posted:  14-Nov-2013 06:56
I tried to give a lot of OOD syringes and needles to PDSA a while ago but they refused to take them. 

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Posted:  14-Nov-2013 07:51 Log in to like this post
We have sent medical equipment and medication to this company. All the details are on their website as to what they will accept.
Seems such a waste to throw things out that can be used elsewhere.


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Posted:  14-Nov-2013 14:58 Log in to like this post
I save this stuff and donate it to Anumal Rescue ie Tiddlywinkles or if you ask at your vet there are local people who rescue injured wild animals and are grateful for donations!


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Posted:  14-Nov-2013 16:40
Intercare do not take out of date stuff, needs to have 15m of expiry left

I'd rather be knitting!
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1146 Posts

Posted:  14-Nov-2013 18:38
Yeah i'd contacted intercare and all the big charities.Have one more local charity to try who on their website say take out of date medical supplies so I will let you all know if they do;)

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Posted:  15-Nov-2013 16:29 Log in to like this post
I recently gave a lot of out of date syringes and needles, all packaged as new to a consultant nephrologist going to village clinics in W Africa. He was extremely grateful and didn't mind out of date ones at all - better than them using equipment that has been used on someone else first which happens in times of shortage. I don't think charities and large organisations could risk accepting them though which is a shame as an out of syringe is better than a contaminated one.

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Posted:  15-Nov-2013 23:07 Log in to like this post
For the last five years I have been rehabilitating sick and juvenile hedgehogs. They are very compliant patients who don't complain. All released as soon as safe to do so. Very rewarding. I have more supplies than I need so pass on surplus to bigger rescues including The Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehab Centre in Tewkesbury and Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead, Surrey. They may well be grateful for your out of date supplies.
If you google wildlife rescues in your area and make contact I am sure someone will be pleased to take these items. The smaller sizes are used more often with injectables.
Please try not to throw them away.


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Posted:  16-Nov-2013 20:47
If only all our patients could be so agreeable Hennypenny!!

Thanks for the contact. Will try them if no human charities will take!

Can't bear to see it all go to the landfill.

1447 Posts

Posted:  16-Nov-2013 22:06
Henny i would love hedgehogs in my garden again, we have lived here for almost 25 years and always had them sadly both parents were killed 4 years ago on the very small road outsde my house, no hedgehogs since. Would any rescue centres rehome with me after this one accident? very large garden.


164 Posts

Posted:  17-Nov-2013 00:05
It is possible you could rehome a couple of hedgies. There isn't much that can be done about the roads. Usually there are other reasons why a population is lost. Foxes sometimes predate on them also badgers. Lots we can do ourselves to assist them though.
They need access out of your garden as they are wanderers who need to search for food and mates in the surrounding gardens. Each hog needs approx 5-6 gardens to find enough creepy crawlies for a fill up. When I am looking for release sites I look for a garden that is not too neat and tidy. They like to snuffle through the undergrowth looking for food. They collect up leaves and grasses for bedding. Ponds need to have a way out. Hedgies can swim but not climb up the sheer sides most ponds have. Lay an old door mat or a branch over the side of a pond. Also a commitment not to use slug pellets as thats means a painful death to more creatures than the slugs. They need shelter for sleeping in the day and to hibernate over the winter. Access under a shed is great or a wooden hedgehog house with tunnel entrance. Needs to be placed with the entrance along the fence not facing into the garden and under a bush or shrubby plant is best.
Most important is regular help with feeding and water. These little guys need our help as there is not often sufficient food around when they need it. Easy to make a feeding station out of a clear plastic box from QD or similar. Turn it upside down and cut a round hole in the side and push a piece of plastic pipe into it as an entrance.  This will ensure the local cats don't eat up all the food.
I feed my garden hogs with a good quality chicken kitten biscuits with water in a dish nearby. Its wonderful watching them come out at night. We have cameras set up so we can see them on the TV.
Anyone who is really interested in supporting hedgehogs and would like to release one in your garden, have a look at www.thehedgehog.co.uk. Derek, who set this up is poorly so unable to take sick hedgehogs at the moment but has lots of links from his site for more info.
Thankyou for your interest.


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Posted:  18-Nov-2013 13:57
we let the gp trainers have them for there medical students to practice with

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Posted:  18-Nov-2013 20:02 Log in to like this post
The equipment not the hedgehogs I hope Pindi!!!!  smiley


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Posted:  19-Nov-2013 12:47
Try 'Mercy ships' they are based in Stevenage, they may, I am not sure.


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Posted:  25-Nov-2013 20:13
3 years ago when I arrived at my current surgery I had clear a lot of stuff to get at what I needed.

loads of chest drains, operating type instruments, huge oxygen masks.  Building was built in the sixties but they have never even done as much as minor surgery!!  No idea where it has all come from !!

We only use disposable speculums now and our local gynae hospital don't want them.  I am sure these could be put to good use.

managed to get them put of my way to another room but would be good to donate if possible.

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