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Practice Nurse Interview

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Posted:  07-Mar-2014 13:51
Hey ya,

I have just got my first Practice Nurse interview and I was wondering if any one had any good tips and if there is any specific preparation I need to do.

KetchupKitty :)

KetchupKitty 08 :)

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Posted:  07-Mar-2014 14:35
Well done-by the way,  where are you working now? why do you want to go into General Practice? what experience skills you can bring with you. They may ask how you will cope with transition from secon to prim care if that is the case? are you happy working on your own, making decisions, quick appointments, succinct documentation, giving vaccines with no-one to check them for you, research the practice you are going to, look up Qof be aware it is more business like with targets, look up NICE Guidelines for CDM,  Tissue viability, BLS refresh,   travel health, child protection, POVA , infection control in GP etc ....

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Posted:  10-Mar-2014 17:03
We've just employed a nurse straight from secondary care. The main thing that impressed me, other than her pure enthusiasm for coming into Practice Nursing, was arranging an informal visit to come and see us before the interview and also she had researched and done some online learning to familiarise herself with Primary Care issues. She brought her certificates along to show what she'd done to prepare for interview and demonstrate her interest. If you can get hold of any Practice Nursing journals and mention articles that you've read about current issues, that would be good too.

Good luck!

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Posted:  28-Mar-2014 09:40
I am having an interview soon for my frst Practice Nurse post. The above replies are really helpful. I am an ex midwife, returning to nursing.

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Posted:  28-Mar-2014 09:42 Log in to like this post
What on-line learning sites are there? What is the hot subjects at the moment?

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Posted:  28-Mar-2014 21:29
Exactly what Tillyb said!!!   I have applied for my 1st PN job.  I will hopefully have an interview soon, and would love to produce the above evidence........................

Thank you.


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Posted:  06-Apr-2014 00:02
Good news....I've just been offered my first PN position, thank you for all your advice, it really helped me [:)]

KetchupKitty 08 :)

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Posted:  09-Apr-2014 17:26

Well done on getting the job!! What sort of questions did they ask you?

I have my first interview for a Practice Nurse job on the 22nd April.

I have already had an informal visit which I arranged myself, and I have done some online courses such as Diabetic foot ulcers, ECGs, Chronic heart failure and managing obesity to show that I really am committed to the job.

Any tips would be great :-)

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Posted:  25-Aug-2017 17:51
Hi everyone;
I need help too!
I am going for an interview next week for a PD job, going from ED to primary. what do you think!?
any help or suggestion, advise!?

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Posted:  23-Apr-2018 11:39
I have applied to several practice nurse jobs
got three interviews and didn't get the job because lack of skill
although I am a children's immuniser, have some transferrable skills
I feel like giving up
gp are very short of P/N but not willing to train nurses
I've been nursing for years and don't require much training
just don't know what else to do
keep applying???

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Posted:  18-May-2018 10:21
Samantha I feel the same way.
I am working as a community nurse at the moment and would really love to become a practice nurse. We are relocating to the Midlands shortly so it is really difficult at the moment to approach local surgeries. I have applied for a few jobs but have not even reached the interview stage. I cannot afford to fund any of my own training at the moment (we are moving!) but would appreciate any advice on how to approach getting into GP nursing.

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Posted:  24-May-2018 15:06
I think for a lot of places it's just about whether you would be right fit for the team. Lots of CCGs/confederations are funding PN courses so it's just a case of getting the right person. Big plus would be to make sure you know about how the primary sectors works and have a clear understanding of how GP model is effectively private practice and that surgeries work as contractors for the NHS rather than belong to the NHS directly.
In order to find a funded role, I would advise you approach the lead nurse for the CCG you want to work in - they will be able to tell you if the CCG is funding training and which practices are looking to hire/circulate your CV. I've worked for 2 different CCGs as a PN and that's how I found both jobs.

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Posted:  17-Jul-2018 21:27
Bumped up for MEG80

This is just my opinion and not an instruction. T&E x
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