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Contraception - pill checks

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Posted:  18-Apr-2014 11:31
Morning! Wondering what views are on yearly pill checks by trained FP nurse with BP taken at 6 months by HCA ? Current practice of 6 monthly pill checks under review. Wondered what other practices do? Thank you in advance!

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Posted:  18-Apr-2014 11:39
I think most of us with family planning training and prescribing have been authorising meds for 12 mths (issuing 6months at a time with further 6mths on repeat) with women well established on a method anyway for some time? Those we still see at 6mths or less are less established, considering change of method, or having problems and not sure what having an hca take their bp at 6 months would achieve with them or for the practice workload generally. Interested to hear what others would do?

Please be informed that the above is the opinion of the author and is in no way meant to be taken as instruction.

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Posted:  18-Apr-2014 13:00
We do a 12 month Rx now as dates are much longer in pharmacies, women are educated about changes and risks to approach us about and it becomes their responsibility to come in. This is only for the well established with no contraindications or short term plans for a pregnancy. Women often ask questions when in for a pill check that mean the hca would have to book them for a 2nd appt anyway.
Some people who' s bmi needs checking and reviewing come 3 monthly still, looking at the table in the guillibaud guides eg bmi 34 , non smoker would have diet and lifestyle advice, free weight watchers for 3 months offered and a shorter Rx to see if we can kick start changes , would show them the table and discuss risk vs benefit.

Faith x
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Posted:  18-Apr-2014 14:25
As above, I see smokers or any with risk factors at 6 mths to try to encourage change. Can't see any reason or benefit in see hca at 6 mths. In fact I feel quite strongly that if it's worth doing at all it needs to be an Fp trained person doing it, if not don't bother.

An example working a locum where hca does pill checks and have often found they document no problems but then I find patients who don't know the correct missed pill rules esp omitting pfi if not more than 7 in coc pack or not knowing difference between pop interval. Another common one is not advising about change back to coc when stopped b/ f or at 6 mths if preferred.

As I say if it's not being done for good reason and properly why bother pretending its a pill check, it's not it's just a bp check/ weight rev

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Posted:  18-Apr-2014 16:23
If it was as simple as just doing a bp check , then patient themselves could do that BUT it is not.If they need check, then it should be by FP trained person.

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Posted:  18-Apr-2014 21:33
Thank you for feedback, agree re. That check should be FP trained. New PM questioning the current protocol and why we see Pts every 6 months?
Wondered what others were doing as his previous surgery checked once a year with a BP check in the interim.
I feel it is important that we maintain standards to ensure safety for the patient and corners aren't cut to safe pennies and time!
Anyway, thanks again. Pweechy x

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Posted:  18-Aug-2014 09:18
Has anyone out there have a protocol for HCA's carrying out Pill checks.

Thank you Helen

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