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zoladex training

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Posted:  31-May-2015 22:38
Hi All,

realise this has been covered in the past but i need to train to give in a bit of a hurry as the one nurse where i work is leaving and she is the only one doing Zoladex.
Can this be an in house training by a nurse or does it have to be an official training to get signed off as competent. Do prostap inj at the min


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Posted:  31-May-2015 23:22
Contact the rep, they bring in a dummy abdomen for you to practice on. Its not hard, its working out how to take the red safety guard without pulling the whole thing apart thats tricky, also make sure it clicks once given. Can you ask a gp to supervise for the fist few injections whilst you build up your confidence. 

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Posted:  01-Jun-2015 03:26
Our patients have all just been transferred over to prostap! I didn't do any aditon trainjng for zoladex though , just some supervised jabs !

267 Posts

Posted:  03-Jun-2015 07:57
Hi Guys
thanks for the help. prob is I don't have anyone that can supervise now that knows if I,m doing it right anyway.
Had a look on Astra education video and it looks pretty straight forward but still unnerving and spoke to gynae clinic staff and they all had rep training.
How long over the 28 days can pts go from the last inj?


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Posted:  03-Jun-2015 15:25
At my last surgery I was just told I had to start giving them...with no training and no time to get a rep in. So I went onto the internet and watched a video of someone giving it. Have been giving them for 3 years now with no problem.


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Posted:  04-Jun-2015 14:30
Having your competancy signed off by another clinician is a good idea but I dont think there are any hard a fast rules. If you decide to watch an online video of proceedure you can document this in you personal learning log, do some reflection on it and use in for your revalidation! Revisiting a referesher or using another nurse for clinical reflection of your practice all goes to show you are keeping up to date and willing to address any practice you feel warrants further learning.
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