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validation and mandatory training

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Posted:  01-Nov-2015 19:54
Can mandatory training i.e. resus and safeguarding be part of your CPD and put in your revalidation portfolio


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Posted:  02-Nov-2015 07:43
No generic mandatory training such as bls fire manual handling safeguarding infection control diversity etc doesnt count . but you could count some role specific updates like wound care cervical screening or immunisation for example .

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Posted:  02-Nov-2015 18:09
rugbymum are 100% re this as I am sure on our uodate any training was counted?? 

If so where is it written down as I need to show our line manager who thought it was counted.

Thank you.

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Posted:  02-Nov-2015 21:36
' taken from NMC 35 hours of CPD, of which at least 20 must
have included participatory learning
As professionals, nurses and midwives have a duty to keep their knowledge and skills up to
date through a continuous process of learning and reflection.
Any learning activity must be relevant to their scope of practice as a nurse or midwife and would
not include mandatory training that is not directly related to the practice. In particular, you can
assist nurses and midwives to meet the participatory element of this requirement. Employers
are a key source of access to training for the nurses and midwives they employ.
We have provided a template to help nurses and midwives record their CPD activities.'
i suppose this can be interpreted both ways. Pesonally i feel basic training is directly related to practice.


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Posted:  02-Nov-2015 21:39
I have just read the new NMC revalidation document (that you can get from the revalidation page on this site) and it does state mandatory training can be included x


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Posted:  05-Nov-2015 17:38
we were told on our revalidation training we couldnt include- and that is what it also says above- thats what Im going by

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Posted:  05-Nov-2015 19:37
we have been told you can count factual tv programmes like 24 hours in A&E .


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Posted:  11-Nov-2015 16:11
Had train the trainer study day this week - you can include mandatory training :-)

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Posted:  12-Nov-2015 00:09
I went to "nursing in practice" in Birmingham today, there was a great session on revalidation, led by Ben Whur, he is the "senior strategic engagement revalidation lead" for the NMC , he agreed with rugby mom . 
Great bloke made the whole thing make a lot more sense. On the subject of training he said : spending an hour learning which fire extinguisher does what does not enhance the way u do yr job but if yr job involves handling patients then manual handling would count, so would safe- guarding, but his overall view was we should be looking to do good quality learning to enhance our nursing care, if u have to scrat about for an hour spent manual handling then u should question whether you are up to date. 

Faith x
Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.
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