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lapsed registration

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Posted:  05-Jan-2016 20:57
Can anyone help?? I cant believe it but I forgot to pay and sort out my NMC registration until yesterday the 4th, should have been by the end of December. I have now had my registration stopped. This means I can't work as a qualified nurse but I am meant to be on duty tomorrow!! (wont go down well at work!) I assume I can be employed as a health care assistant, does anyone know? It says it can take 6 weeks to re register. does anyone know how quickly this really takes and if I can speed up the process. I have been registered for 32 years and can't believe that 4 days make so much difference. I have been in the same job for 14 years. They said on the phone about having 3 references but I cant make head nor tail of the website instructions. any help would be appreciated

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Posted:  05-Jan-2016 21:15
the NMC changed the rules in November apparently you can still be employed as a hca

as it only changed in November maybe it can get sorted out quicker. unable to help with what you need to do though sorry.


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Posted:  05-Jan-2016 21:32
Why does it take them so long??Seems a bit unfair especially as Xmas holidays.Have you paid online?Can you scan/email the references over tomorrow?

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Posted:  11-Jan-2016 08:13
i did same thing in september and was working 2 weeks before i discovered that the direct debit had not gone out (some post had gone astray)  so my registration had lapsed, i paid online immediatly and the registration was backdated to cover the lapsed 2 week period

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Posted:  11-Jan-2016 10:25
They say six weeks for anything and everything at NMC! Though having had colleagues do similar before the recent change six weeks was an underestimate. Make sure that you send character references along with your reflective statement requesting reinstatement on the register. Send everything by recorded delivery - expensive but NMC have claimed not the have received documents in past. The will not accept email. When you phone they say 10 days to even follow up a query you have already put in place. We are paying for this service!!!!


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Posted:  12-Jan-2016 09:29
Are you in RCN..they may be able to help you.


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Posted:  04-May-2016 00:41
OMG Nursenelly, i have just done the exact same thing!! I can't believe i have been so stupid. Completely forgot to pay my fees (even had an email reminder about it!) as I was crazy busy at work and had other stuff going on at home. I was a day late to pay but they have lapsed my registration. I have just completed all the online forms and got my references (already did revalidation last month). How long did it take you to get back on the register? Totally my own fault of course, but how can it take 6 weeks to re-register? What happened at work, were you able to do admin or non-clinical work?

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Posted:  04-May-2016 08:03
I have always paid by direct debit ( I know I would end up in this situation if I didn't ) that way you have no fear of being suspended and would advise everyone to do this as it is too important to leave chance. New registrants are told it can take six weeks but my new nurse got hers in two, good luck 

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Posted:  04-May-2016 11:38
This happened to me but it was years ago. Then you had 6 weeks to sort it but now with new rules they take you straight off the register I think. Contact RCN if you re in the union and speak to the boss but make very very sure that you only work as a HCA as this is really hard to do and you don't want anymore trouble.nyou also need to check yr indemnity will still be valid. I really feel for you. Willow


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Posted:  04-May-2016 15:49
This happened when I was working in an NHS hospital about 18 years ago.  We had moved and I hadn't informed them so I did not get my reminder.  I was suspended from work and had to attend a disciplinary.  I was given a final written warning for failing to maintain my registration.  I appealed, and this was reduced to a written warning, as my employer should have had some responsibility to ensure staff maintained registration.  Not a pleasant experience!

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Posted:  15-Oct-2016 05:58 Log in to like this post
hello all,
i am in the same situation as nursenelly. what are the expectations? what are the consequences?
please help meeeeeee!

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Posted:  15-Oct-2016 09:38
As above, really, and the NMC website should be able to tell you all you need to know.

You can't be employed as a nurse, if you carry out nursing duties you will not be covered by your insurance. So let your emplpoyer know ASAP so they can adjust your work schedule accordingly. 

I imagine you can at least start the process via NMC online - if you haven't already registered for this, I would encourage you to do so, and speak to someone at NMC on Monday if necessary.

Hope it gets sorted quickly but from reading the above don't expect it to be less than a couple of weeks at least :-(

2 Posts

Posted:  18-Nov-2016 19:12
Hi everyone,

I am not a practice nurse (I am a midwife working on a neonatal unit) but this is the only forum I found that had a thread relating to lapsed registration. It was six days before I realised my registration had lapsed and I was on annual leave. I am gutted to find out about the new rules in such a harsh way. I really wish I had known the consequences and set up a direct debit before this happened. I think there are many ways the NMC could do things differently and I wanted to share my ideas with you. First off, everyone (regardless of having online account or not) should be sent at least one email reminder to pay (post is unreliable), and better even, a warning as well, with a clear mention of the consequences of a late payment. Second, when shift coordinators are checking staff's registration on their system, there should be a warning system whereby nurses/midwives are flagged up BEFORE their registration runs out.. NOT AFTER. And finally, why not have the NMC fees deducted from our pay every month, seeing as being registered is a sine qua none condition for practising?
Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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Posted:  18-Nov-2016 20:13
Sorry to hear about your lapsed registration, and hope you get it sorted quickly. I'm sure it would be helpful if employers reminded their staff regarding registration. it is in their interest after all

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Posted:  18-Nov-2016 22:04
Exactly, it is in their interest to make sure their staff remain on the register without any unwanted and costly gaps. I contacted my local RCM (I am a member) rep who was not very helpful. She didn't know that the NMC had changed its rules for late payments. And when I asked whether this issue could be brought to national attention, because it was affecting many nurses and midwives, she said that I could try to contact the RCM "at a higher level, in London". I do plan on doing that. But, shouldn't she do that for me? The RCM are supposed to be advocates for their members. What is the point in paying the RCM every month if they won't fight for this cause? Sorry, ranty post.


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Posted:  18-Nov-2016 22:31 Log in to like this post
I don't want to be negative but I don't know how much more the NMC can do. Yes it is in the employers interest but we are all responsible adults and we all know our registration date - it doesn't change year on year. A consequence of registration lapsing has always in my 25 year nursing history been that you cannot work as a registered nurse without registration and although it does take longer to re-register the consequences of lapsed registration have been clear in the NMC documentation which is available online , informed by email or letter if you had not registered an email address.

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Posted:  17-Jan-2018 18:51
This happened to me but way back in 2002. I had moved and completely forgot to change my address. Back then you only had to do something every 3 years and email wasn't/internet weren't an option. I was suspended from nursing duty but escaped a disciplinary as my employers failed to check and I believe they were or are meant to. I had to get 3 statements from other nurses and submit them then wait to be reinstated. I don't remember it taking that long though. Good luck hope it all works out for you.

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Posted:  23-Jan-2018 09:17
I concur with Mimosa, it is our professional responsibility to remain on the register not that of the NMC or employers to remind us. My employer retrospectively checks not prospectively. The NMC have been fair and open about the change for at least a year before it occurred, my only gripe with them is why it takes so long to process but then reading this, talking with colleagues it does seem that it is a volume issue not just the odd one or two people.


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Posted:  23-Jan-2018 12:37
I pay my registeration quarterly by direct debit. So easy and I am notified before each payment is taken. £30 every few months is better than one lump sum as well.

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Posted:  31-Mar-2018 10:31
Direct Debit for me, as I was in this situation about ten years ago and it was awful. My manager and GP boss at the time were really angry with me and I felt very embarrassed about it. I had to take some early holiday instead of working until they sorted it out for me. I don't remember it taking that long because I faxed stuff over and an unusually helpful (for the NMC!) person guided me through what I had to do. I was so cross with myself for missing the deadline that I set up a DD straight away and have never had to go through that scenario again. Honestly do it! x
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