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private shingles vaccine

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Posted:  23-Nov-2016 14:24
this may have been asked before so apologies, but I have a 69 yr old pt insisting that he wants a shingles vaccine. I have advised him that this is not possible until he is 70 on the NHS. He wants us to give it to him privately. I cannot find out if this is possible. Does anyone know the current 'law' on this , can we charge our own pts . We have done for travel vaccinations e.g. Rabies etc.
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Posted:  23-Nov-2016 19:04
NO we cant. I would direct them to a private hospital/clinic if that's what they want .

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Posted:  23-Nov-2016 20:06
No, will have to go private.

Expect to pay at least £200 for the privilege!(And that was how much it cost some of my pts 2-3 yrs ago so probably more than that now).

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Posted:  23-Nov-2016 20:45 Log in to like this post
you can't charge your own patients for this service see link. Generally seeing £150-£200 costs quoted depending on your area. 
Worth sending an email to all clinicans and pm to ensure everyone sings from the same hymn sheet, we've all had the patient arrive who insists "dr feckwit told me I could have it!" lots of patients try to insist they are a special case, i think you need to be very clear in advising and then documenting in his record. 
  • He will not be eligible until the September after his 70th birthday (make sure he knows it is not the day he turns 70 or he'll book in!) The NHS control the age range it is not at the discretion of any individual nurse or doctor. 
  • Zostavax costs £100 a dose to the nhs, we can only use those doses for people with eligible DOB. You certainly could not sell him one of these as a private vaccination. 
  • You cannot recommend an individual clinic, he must do his own research. 
  • You guessed correctly we've discussed this several times, if you click on menu in the top right corner, then on search you can read other threads about shingles vaccination. Consider whether the time you have spent thinking about this means it is worthy of reflective piece for revalidation? Looking at how you have dealt with his queries, managed his expectations and fed back clear supportable information. And what you would do differently etc it really is quite easy to clock up your reflection hun  

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Posted:  14-Feb-2017 17:01
Have read Green book chapter and looked on here for guidance. Think I already know the answer but looking for back up advice.

67 year old 2-3 episodes of Opththalmic shingles in the last few years, obviously distressing. Consultant recommending Shingles vaccine and patient requesting. I don't see anything in Green book that informs me he can have it on NHS. Is it just a private option? TIA

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Posted:  15-Feb-2017 14:08 Log in to like this post
As his consultant has requested it on medical grounds it would be nhs. However leave the appropriate interval from his last episode /flare up. Please be informed that the above is the opinion of the author and is in no way meant to be taken as instruction.karen
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Posted:  15-Feb-2017 15:09
Ah ok thanks Karen x

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