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RCN Advanced Nurse Practitioner creditation

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Posted:  25-May-2017 13:43
Hi Have any of you seen this?
Its being piloted now I think 3 nurses have got it already- 
Theres a long document/application by RCN with forms to fill in for different pathways in to get accreditation for those who are using the title of ANP without having the MSc in Advanced Practice eg PG Dip PGCert or older Degree NP courses  if applied for by 2020 if submitting forms of competence from Senior GP and a 1000 word essay.
Makes me wonder what all that hard work for the MSc in Advanced Practice was about!!

246 Posts

Posted:  25-May-2017 16:07
Have seen this - received an email yesterday. They are saying the pilot went well and they are looking to role out nationwide - you have to pay to be on the register though, on top of your registration fees.

"To become accredited, nurses working at an advanced level of practice will have to demonstrate their experience, qualifications and competence to a group of expert assessors.

They will be required to have a relevant master’s qualification, be able to carry out non-medical prescribing and have an active membership with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

However, the RCN said it will look at temporary arrangements for nurses who are already working at advanced level but do not have a master’s degree or prescribing qualification.

Nurses who are successful in joining the scheme will be included on a register, and will also receive a badge and certificate.

Nurses will have to pay to be a part of the register – which will be open to non-RCN members and those working in both the NHS and independent sector – and membership renewal will be required every three years.

The RCN said its credentialing programme would provide nurses working at an advanced level of practice with “much-needed” recognition for their education, experience and competence, while also enhancing their career prospects.


3239 Posts

Posted:  25-May-2017 20:43
I looked at this and was keen. But I couldn't work out what I would get for my £275. I ve got a full MSc and prescribing so I m struggling to see how it would benefit me apart from being a registration. Anyone else feel like that or do I get the wrong end of the stick? Willow


218 Posts

Posted:  26-May-2017 09:09
Willow I feel exactly the same, I have an MSc in Advanced Practice and Prescribing as well.
Also you have to re-aply for it every 3 years.
What does everyone else think?

246 Posts

Posted:  26-May-2017 10:34
- but you get a nice shiny new badge and certificate!!!!
Joking aside - I too am failing to see any benefit.

1081 Posts

Posted:  27-May-2017 07:17
Similar arrangements to accredit those already doing the job but who have gained the knowledge through various different courses and experience were in place for specialist practitioner title ( which never really took off). I believe the benefit is to those who do not have the Msc when the title becomes protected so they can have prior learning taken into account and register without having to do it all again on an approved course.. It's a bit like APPEL when doing a uni course. Someone like me 30 yrs in post, degree and sexual health fellowship, prescribing, and numerous individual modules in various subjects but not the rcn apporved Msc in advanced practice. As it happen I will be retired in 2020 and even the sight of the application form made me feel sick so I will stay as I am and manage without. But if I was younger and perhaps needed to apply for an and job which demanded the registration it would have been a good pathway.

1666 Posts

Posted:  28-May-2017 15:34 Log in to like this post
I'm going to give it a go. I am interested in the pathway described by tigger1.

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