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27 Posts

Posted:  14-Jun-2017 09:03
we have had a heated discussion today in surgery about offering acwy to university students. I remember being told at my last imms update that if student asked for it they could have it at any stage of their course (up to 25 years of age) but a colleague says only if in the first year. what are your views please


22 Posts

Posted:  14-Jun-2017 10:21
This is a sticky subject..one i constantly gave to revisit i.e. Look at PGD ...remember quidance at updates etc....I remember I was told the "freshers" should only be given to "freshers" i.e. First years.... difficult cohort to reign in as the gap between leaving school and going to uni is tricky!!! Thankfully in the near future all will have had at "school leavers" time so less will need to be done at General Practice level (here's hoping).... our PGD is a bit woolly  re years it's offered too and who does gives it and when , theoretically mature students are at risk so making sure a "fresher" is covered under 25 years is probably their thinking...my understanding is we're meant "casually " invite them in...you need to look at your local contract too... which gives all the "Services" we "buy" into.....Hope this helps.... I'm still trying to get to grips with this...I'm looking forward to when Hep B is added to the primary inm's ...."not" as we'd have to go through the "why can't my child have it too " scenario ..like we had for Men B.


1006 Posts

Posted:  14-Jun-2017 16:34
check vaccine update

85 Posts

Posted:  15-Jun-2017 05:59
From what I have read basically everyone under 25 who hasn't had can have opportunistically whether they are going to uni or not and now everyone 18 is being called in to have

7 Posts

Posted:  19-Jun-2017 09:29
Attended an update on Friday last week. It can be given opportunistically up to the age of 25.


39 Posts

Posted:  19-Jun-2017 21:59
We too were initially told only freshers at uni but when we queried this we were eventually told that we could give to any uni students under the age of 25.

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