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GP on premises during vaccinations

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Posted:  22-Jul-2017 06:38
Just wondered what everybody else's thoughts and feelings are regarding having a GP on the premises when baby immunisations or travel vaccines are been given. I have recently started working in at a new Surgery and realised that all the GP's leave much earlier than the Practice Nurse and sometimes the Duty GP is not at the surgery as he is out on a home visit leaving me at the surgery alone doing childhood imms or travel vaccines. I realise that anaphylaxis is extremely rare however the risk is still there and I am not really happy about giving Adrenaline if this is ever required, without a second clinician in the building to provide support and assistance as required. The HSE have published standards during vaccination and one of the standards/best Practice is that GP's should be present at the time of vaccinations. When I confronted the GP's about this, one GP disputed this and said that it is not best practice to have a GP on the premises and also he suggested that I could always call an ambulance if required. What are your thoughts please.

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Posted:  22-Jul-2017 09:57
Thoughts and attitudes vary, there have been several posts about this previously so worth looking through them, but there is no requirement to have a GP on site.
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Posted:  22-Jul-2017 16:20
How do I search for that thread - do I type in a key word e.g. GP and see what comes up? Sorry I have never searched for anything before?

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Posted:  22-Jul-2017 19:50
Try " Doctor site " and that should bring some threads up and/or " working alone " . The search facility does not recognise words of less than 4 letters



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Posted:  23-Jul-2017 09:54
I don't give vaccines without a GP on the premises. I know I would be capable of dealing with anaphylaxis on my own but would really not want to.

Our GP's are fine with this.

Don't be pressurised to do anything you are not comfortable with.


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Posted:  23-Jul-2017 22:21
Thank you for that Munch, it is reassuring to know that other nurses feel the same way as I do about this.

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Posted:  24-Jul-2017 06:19
Hi Frizz, I used to have this issue frequently at a previous surgery I worked in about 10 years ago. In fact sometimes I would be one my own for a whole afternoon as I worked at a satellite surgery of a main surgery that was around 5 miles away and a shortage of GPs meant that the main, bigger surgery always had to be covered first and if locums didn't turn up then the GP who was in the smaller branch surgery would have to go there instead. Often I was left to see patients who had booked in to see the GP if it was considered issues I could deal with and they understood the GP was not there. This was as well as my seeing patients booked in with me, invariably for vaccinations/immunisations. As this was becoming more frequent and of concern to me, I left. Fast forward a few years and a similar thing happened with regards to GPs not being on site when I did vaccinations. Their response was "well you do flu injections on home visits alone, no GP there so what is the difference?"

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Posted:  24-Jul-2017 07:58
Hi Mistickle,
I know, when GP's say things like that, they do have a point and to follow us on home visits just incase a patient has an allergic reaction to a flu vaccine is possibly unrealistic. Generally people who are housebound have had the flu vaccine before however, so you would know they are ok with it. It is just reassuring to know that in the surgery if you are giving childhood imms and travel vaccines etc, that a second clinical person is present in the building to offer support and assistance if a patient has a bad reaction - why struggle on your own when you don't have to.

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Posted:  24-Jul-2017 10:05
I am under the impression that if you are giving a vaccine under a PGD eg. travl or baby imms there must be a GP (or prescriber at least) in the building.

The flu vaccine is different because it is a PSD for HCAs or for the PNs we print a script/ add it to the notes.

That is how we do it where I'm from. Reading the PGD that you've signed should clear this up.

PN Bow, London

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Posted:  24-Jul-2017 13:53
Does it say that on your PGDs Audrey Helburn?
What can a prescriber or GP do during immunisation that you cannot?
I just want to understand why?
Please be informed that the above is the opinion of the author and is in no way meant to be taken as instruction. karen

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Posted:  25-Jul-2017 15:08
It doesn't appear to say it anymore but a pharmacist and practice manager were able to confirm that I wasn't going mad. Couldn't see it on the PGDs now...

england .nhs.uk/ london/wp-content/ uploads/ sites/8/2017/06/ nhse-phe-pgd-MenACWY-v02.00.pdf

(I put spaces in so it doesn't think it's a link)

I have no idea why it was there before. I can only assume it was anaphylaxis related?

PN Bow, London

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Posted:  26-Jul-2017 13:12
Hi - I have just bumped up about 8 previous discussion threads on the subject of having a doctor present when giving vaccines.

Please be aware this is my opinion only based on the evidence I have seen, and not meant to be taken as direction

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Posted:  27-Jul-2017 00:01
Well it speaks volumes for how important this issue is to nurses, if the subject keeps coming up.
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