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interview for practice nurse

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Posted:  29-Jul-2017 09:48
Hi, could anyone help. I am a ward based nurse looking to get into practice nursing.
What could I read up on for practice nurse interview.

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Posted:  29-Jul-2017 11:05
Hi Vic , welcome to the forum! Have you explored the "new to practice nursing " section. 
If you've time to explore i'd look at NICE guidance on diagnsing hypertension and drop in that you've looked. 
The obesity/ diabetes epidemic is going to have a major impact on the whole NHS and early diagnosis of diabetes and lifestyle issues are essential. "High risk of diabetes " is a buzzword, ask them if they have a local course for people who are at high risk, some areas will be faster than others but our patients are offered referral and go for an hour and a half a week for 6 weeks. Some will fall by the wayside but we've seen some remarkable results! One of our gp's also promotes Michael Mosely's 8 week blood sugar diet, it's £4 from Amazon and we have some to loan to patients for 9 weeks! They were bought by our patients' panel and considered a very good investment! 

Other current issues are :
-safeguarding, (if you've done safeguarding training tell them what level, we do up to level 3. ) 
-frailty, admission avoidance , the aging population.

what areas have you worked in? We'll see if it suggests transferable skills that you can sell. 

Some hospital nurses consider practice nursing to be donkey sanctuary, a slow down, that's certainly not the case, there's a very steep learning curve, you'll be on a lot of courses to skill up, initially one day courses like child immunisation, progressing ( with the right surgery) to courses like you will see on Education for health website. I've done their diplomas in Asthma and COPD , but there are plenty others. Do you have a special interest in diabetes or respiratory medicine? 
Few thoughts there to get you started , good luck , any reading is better than none but don't lose sleep 

Faith x
Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.

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Posted:  31-Jul-2017 05:57 Log in to like this post
Thank you very much for your reply.

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Posted:  31-Jul-2017 11:23
Im recently new to practice nursing and these were some of the things I thought of prior to my interview and were pretty much covered in the questions that they asked me so I will just rattle off as they come mind

Why are you interested in practice nursing
What can you offer us
What are your strengths/weaknesses
Can you be flexible /holiday cover
Are you prepared to up skill take on additional study courses......Chronic disease management /Travel Cytology /Childhood imms
Thoughts on team working .....are you happy working independently /autonomously (within limitations of your registration )Where do you see yourself in five years
Read around Safeguarding and CQC ....read their inspection report if it is on line .......Be aware of QoF Quality ongoing Framework and what it is briefly

Your questions to them

How will they support you /shadowing preceptor ship
What are their expectations for you
Study time if taking on courses
Salary .....(Huge variations from £10 to £21 an hour ) GP independent contractors so can stipulate as they want !

I am loving it but it is definitely an extremely different environment and steep learning curve. Good luck x

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Posted:  07-Aug-2017 09:12
The GP five year forward stuff?

https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/general-practice-nursing-ten-point-plan.pdf for the PN plans?
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