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urgent please!

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Posted:  09-Aug-2017 17:11
drug fridge logger recorded temperature at 11 degrees. Fridge only saying 5. CQC tomorrow! Can't find who to inform - Public Health England? Am in Barnet. Any advice please? many thanks.

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Posted:  09-Aug-2017 17:42
Do you need the vaccines before tomorrow am????? I How long has the temp been raised for?? I find community pharmacist really helpful, ours based in local hospital. Or local imms lead?? How confident could you be that temp was within guidelines? Make sure you Don't use vaccines until this sorted to be on the safe side. I m sure CQC can not have a problem with that, 
Hope this is of some help.

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Posted:  09-Aug-2017 19:17 Log in to like this post
You have to go on the highest temp recorded.
You need to quarantine the vaccines that were in the fridge. Label until used or discarded
Determine the timescale of temp rise and how high.
Contact manufacturer of each vaccine involved, they will have data on vaccine safety, usually OK.
Contact your local PHE imms team with a report.
If you can use the vaccines you will need to use them 'off label' under PSD and with patient consent, a pain, but preferable to wasting expensive NHS resources unnecessarily.
Do a significant event analysis of the episode.
This can be done after your CQC as long as non of the effected vaccines are used until you have done all of the above

It happened to us recently, all vaccines still usable, no-one refused to have the vaccines once it was explained about the safety data.

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Posted:  09-Aug-2017 21:19 Log in to like this post
If the high temp was for a brief period of time did itcorrespond with the fridge being restocked or cleaned ? I usual write in the record book when this happens.


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Posted:  10-Aug-2017 16:48
  • Should have 2 thermometers one of which is independent of mains power.  The main LEC internal (mains dependant) temperature readings on the ‘information panel’ is the LOAD temperature which is the temperature of the thermal mass of any liquids stored in the fridge and thus is an accurate temperature of the vaccines in the fridge.  The maximum, minimum and actual temperature is recorded on the chart (that is kept in folder on top of fridge) and the fridge is then reset.   Completed temperature log books should be kept for a minimum of 2 years.  The other thermometer which is placed in the fridge and of which is not mains dependant is the Data Logger which records readings every minute of the day and is downloaded onto the computer every Friday and is downloaded as and when required (to determine how long the fridge has been out of range for) in the event of power loss or is found to be out of range.  The Data Logger does not record LOAD temp but AIR temperature which is the air temperature inside the fridge.  Air temperature has no mass and temperatures can change very quickly and just by opening the door can cause rise in Air temp but not in load temp.  This explains why data logger will not match exactly the refrigerator integrated/internal temperature display.  So data loggers really can be a hinderance and only useful when time comes of fridge failure as to when the temp started to go up and for how long for to determine if able to use the vaccines or destroy them.


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Posted:  10-Aug-2017 16:48
For those that want to know where I got the LOAD and AIR temp information from is I spoke to the manufacturers of the fridge and our data loga.  Our LEC pharmacy/vaccine fridge manual states:

The LOAD temperature is a simulated temperature which is intended to provde an indication of the temperature of the fridge conntents (e.g. 5ml vaccine).  The temp of a fridge contents will change more slowly (up or down) than the AIR temperature within the fridge should there be a fault or the door is left open.  

Our LEC fridge we can record both air and load temp but they advise record LOAD temp as that reflects thermal mass of a vaccine.

Data Logger companies will tell you that their data loggers record AIR temp unless you have purchased a special data logger that is put in sealed water solution in the fridge. AIR temp will rise or decrease rapidly just by opening the door and thus not really reliable to do your daily documentation of recording your vaccine temps of your fridges.  Data loggers are good in that they can tell us how long a vaccine has been out of range for in case one day you come in and have found your fridge to be not working/switched off or found it to be out of range but your internal fridge temp wont tell you this.  

So people please check your manuals for both your data loggers and fridges and see what they say or ring up the manufacturer.  Due to the discrepancies this is why I have done our own protocol and any staff that comes across out of range temp is aware what to do and who to contact and know how to download a data logger.


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Posted:  11-Aug-2017 12:08
we have 2 fridges, my temp on fridge never right so I do data logger checks daily, how much time are we allowed if looger temp not within 2-8 degrees, in my head I though we had 15 minurts, and if it goes back to normal we are ok?? this happens loads to us, has anyone got any data on this for CQC??
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