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re flu vacs for family members.

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Posted:  11-Oct-2017 23:06
I wondered what others are doing about the family members of patients on methotrexate. I had a family of a patient on methotrexate all roll in for free flu vacs today Apparently told by mums specialist hospital nurse that they all needed to be given it to protect mum from exposure. Mum had her flu vac a month ago. Wasn't with them today herself. Busy at work in A&E where she is a nurse. 
WE may need to order a lot more vaccine depending on how far you go to interpret this instruction.


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Posted:  12-Oct-2017 08:25
Never heard of this and never given extended family for this reason. Not covered on my PGD.

This is my interpretation of the available information but not the law!

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Posted:  12-Oct-2017 13:26
Never given family members free flu vacc and not covered by pgd . If they want it its available from well known pharmaccies and other outlets including private travel clinics !!!


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Posted:  13-Oct-2017 07:13
I had a mum asking if we could prescribe nasal flu for her 10 year old, as she cant pay for it as pharmacy, i said no. Is this right, I haven’t done before. Not in a at risk group, more the fact that mum and dad have paid for it, and want to protect their daughter who has stable asthma. Thanks

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Posted:  13-Oct-2017 08:51
1) no the family of methotrexate lady are not covered by PGD , they can pay a fiver at asda! 

2) no the 10 year old can't have it. As the NHS health provider for that child you cannot provide private care like that , except travel imms that aren't covered by nhs.
the nasal flu doses you have are supplied by immform so only eligible children can have one, to sell a dose for this child would be nhs fraud and the surgery could be taken to court! 

Faith x
Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.

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Posted:  13-Oct-2017 11:32
The bottom of page 5 and the top of page six of the green book discusses the rationale for vaccinating close family and carers of immunosuppressed patients ?

Please be informed that the above is the opinion of the author and is in no way meant to be taken as instruction.

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Posted:  13-Oct-2017 19:38
Smiley, what do you class as 'stable asthma'? If the latest bts guidelines are followed anyone with asthma should be using regular ics, so is eligible for flu vaccine.

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Posted:  13-Oct-2017 22:22
our PGD covers family members of immunocompromised . had a healthy child too young for nasal living with someone on DMART. I looked at the PHE flowchart and it doesn't mention this scenario at all. Spoke to GP who said not to give injectable as healthy???

Also gave injectable flu vacc to a family member ( diff family) as met PGD criteria , but PM said I shouldn't have done as was not registered as their carer and therefore couldn't claim for reimbursement???  Is that right??? 7 years into PN still struggling at times
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