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7 year old /spirometry

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Posted:  08-Feb-2018 15:21
7 year old not had asthma formally disgnosed. Booked in for spirometry/ reversibility. Do you think a 7 year old can perform spirometry? And would you reverse with 2 or 4 inhalation of ventolin?? Are peak flow diaries a thing of the past? Thank you in advance.

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Posted:  08-Feb-2018 16:34 Log in to like this post
I am very new to asthma but from what I can understand it is a case of gathering as much information as possible to gain a diagnosis. A spirometry in isolation does not prove asthma. You can have a normal spirometry and yet still have asthma. I would base diagnosis on careful history of sx , fh,other allergies, pef diary and yes possibly spirometry ,if they can do and then all information together makes puzzle fit and asthma diagnosis .

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Posted:  08-Feb-2018 18:21 Log in to like this post
I find this a difficult one- spirometry as mentioned can be normal and you can still have Asthma- I like to use a peak flow diary and look at diurnal variation- guidelines now say Feno testing/spiro/peak flow- anyone doing feno testing?

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Posted:  09-Feb-2018 15:06
It depends on the 7 year old.  I've done it successfully with an 8 year old but I've also found adults who can't do it!  I also tend to use a PF diary for this age groups.  And as Angel says, history is everything


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Posted:  14-Feb-2018 12:22
I have done a quality assured spirometry on a 5 year old using incentive picture, which worked very well. But I agree with colleagues that history taking is paramount from sensible parents. I also had father who was saying that child's asthma is fully controlled, but after spirometry (good effort and BTS standards met)revealed obstruction, started admitting that yes , child is avoiding active sport activities so chest does not go tight. Sometimes they need a wake up call with spirometry and Feno.
I my experience and after doing training, Salbutamol 4 puffs is fine for all ages, unless contraindicated for other reasons

please see my comment as an opinion, not an instruction

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Posted:  20-Feb-2018 22:48
Does the spirometer need to be calibrated for children ?

I've been told that unable to do on anyone below 16yrs as machine is set for adults and not children.

However, agree that PEFR /symptom diary and good history better to diagnose asthma in children

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