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Pay rise

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Posted:  15-Apr-2018 18:08 Log in to like this post
im amazed that I haven’t seen anyone mention the pay rise being granted to nhs nurses. Whilst I appreciate we are not nhs  ,my practice always boasted on keeping in line with pay bands in nhs .  I’m feeling well  angry that they seem to be avoiding the subject!,, , I’m 56 so thinking of retirement plans, I’m likely to go very soon if I don’t see something come out of this, been nursing 38 years and believe I should be included in pay structure. Anyone else feel this way???

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Posted:  15-Apr-2018 20:44
Yes I posted it about I'm not impressed either. The gap between secondary & primary care is ever growing and it seems we just accept it. It's long over due that we are all on agenda for change.

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Posted:  15-Apr-2018 21:48
Believe some Gp practices did adopt agenda for change so does this mean they will get the rise?Unfortunately we are not one of them and have been told no rise for us.

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Posted:  16-Apr-2018 11:47
We should stop putting up with it! I am not on agenda for change though I do get the extra holiday,I have recently had a small pay rise when I pointed out to our GP partners that I was paid less than some other PN's in our CCG, I shouldn't have had to point this out to them it should be standardised as GP's are a law unto themselves. Also last year they quibbled over the measly 1% rise so I printed info from the RCN stating it is best practice for them to honour the rise and they gave in and we got it. I can see we will have the same problem this year, we shouldn't have to fight with them all the time to feel valued, this should be addressed by the government and money given to the GPs to specifically fund the rise.


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Posted:  16-Apr-2018 11:51
Unfortunately most GPs are too greedy to adopt Agenda for change. I asked and have been told not to expect any pay rise. Therefore I am voting with my feet.

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Posted:  16-Apr-2018 20:48
The pay gap between secondary and primary care will just get bigger & bigger. No agenda for change round here and lower pay than some practices less mileage allowance than afc and holiday. We had to fight for the pathetic 1% last year too.

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Posted:  17-Apr-2018 10:50
I agree with you entirely Stephy 76! I have had to leave many times for better working conditions, and better pay. Mainly the first actually!

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Posted:  17-Apr-2018 18:15
It's about time the RCN and other unions we pay monthly for took on our case to get some equality and fairness. As you have all stated the gap between secondary and primary care is getting larger, making retention and recruitment ever more difficult. It's not just about pay, but other working conditions including annual leave and sick pay, which is all far inferior to what nurses receive in secondary care.

I'd rather be at the beach!

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Posted:  23-Apr-2018 12:56
Nothing been said here about any pay rise. Think a lot of nurses will start voting with their feet. After working in GP Land for over 20 years am seriously thinking of looking at going back into secondary care, something i never thought would never happen!


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Posted:  23-Apr-2018 15:45
Its very sad that we are treated so unfairly. All my patients and other members of the general public assume we are getting a large payrise. I soon put them right. Im looking at getting a pension forecast.
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