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Posted:  23-May-2018 20:19
Just would like to know if anyone attends practice /nurse meetings in their own time? If so do you get reimbursed for your time?
many thanks

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Posted:  23-May-2018 21:00
Don't have them!  If PTL falls on day off we get time back

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Posted:  24-May-2018 18:26
Try to get time back, but doesn’t always happen. But to be fair, most of our meetings are in work time. Better with our current manager, though - previous one would never give time back.
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Posted:  28-May-2018 12:03 Log in to like this post
You should definitely either get the time back or be paid. It is up to you to make sure this is done. If attend meetings out of work time,record the time owing and then speak to the PM and ask which the practice would prefer, either TOIL or to pay you.
Keep a record of everything,then negotiate as they may prefer if you save the hours until they make a full working day and then take a day back.
If the PM is not helpful, then discuss with the senior partner.
It is an either or situation, not a will or won't they play ball.
Practice nurse should all stand up for this type of thing. Effectively it is like asking you to work without pay, which no-one should do.
Good luck, just be firm



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Posted:  11-Jul-2018 14:21
We limit all meetings to 1 hour and they are held in lunch hour. Lunch is provided by the practice and anyone attending gets paid overtime.

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Posted:  11-Jul-2018 16:22
We have them in lunch break and can claim time back. Sometimes makes for a long day with no break though. Usually at least once a week, various meetings. Have to bring our own lunch.

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Posted:  12-Jul-2018 06:24
Hi I put it down as time owing as our meeting are always on my day off .


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Posted:  13-Jul-2018 18:33
Hi i
we have monthly nurse meetings and finish morning s early to allow time before lunch.occassionally run slightly into lunch break but no one really minds as we try to stick to work time and I let people go home early if they have to cut lunch short.Once  a month we have a clinical meeting for all clinical staff over lunch s for  those occasions we allow people to go home early.Our PM said we can’t have overtime so we make sure we get time back.None of us willing to work for free and as we work very hard we need our lunch breaks.Stand up for yourself.

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Posted:  16-Jul-2018 12:53
I am fortunate now in current job that get time back, but in past I didnt and was expected to do in own time. Initially i didnt attend, but realised pretty quickly that i was the one losing out the most by missing out on things, I look on the time as an investment in myself for the future, this has eventually paid off as I was able to get a much better job in the end.
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