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Do i need to report this?

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Posted:  11-Jun-2018 17:38
gave 12-13 year imms Bexsero in left arm and MMR in left thigh rather than  vise versa. As both IM can't see any harm done. But as it is adviced to give Bexsero in left thigh do I need to report this? and if so where??? Thanks for any advice

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Posted:  11-Jun-2018 18:45
Are you a prescriber? The only problem I see is that you have gone outside the PGD guidance on administration.

This is just my opinion and not an instruction. T&E x
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Posted:  11-Jun-2018 20:15
I can't see you have done anything wrong! No need to report in my opinion.Both are IM and as long as bexero given on it's own, fine.Even in some cases could argue not possible.It;s just it is new drug.

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Posted:  11-Jun-2018 22:30
"4CMenB is given as a 0.5ml dose by intramuscular injection.
In infants and for the routine booster dose, PHE recommend that all doses of 4CMenB be given in the anterolateral aspect of the left thigh, ideally on their own, so that any local reactions can be monitored more accurately. Vaccine may alternatively be administered in the deltoid muscle region of the upper arm in older subjects (from 1 year of age). If another vaccine needs to be administered in the same limb they should be given at least 2.5cm apart. The site at which each vaccine was given should be noted in the individual’s records."

Thanks for your replies,  the above was copied from online PHE. Will check my PGD tomorrow. I am not a prescriber. If I deviated from PGD, I will report it to GP and write a reflective piece on it

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Posted:  11-Jun-2018 22:43
That sounds like a good course of action.
Also a good incident scenario to discuss in practice so all the team learn from it as well as the forum.

If this child came back with a local reaction and you had not discussed with mum or gp or searched PHE then they might get awkward? As it is you can reassure them with the info from PHE that no harm will come to babe etc etc

Please be informed that the above is the opinion of the author and is in no way meant to be taken as instruction.

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Posted:  12-Jun-2018 22:37 Log in to like this post
Checked PGD, covered for im deltoid. Extremly lively child, mum struggled to hold, had to get them all in with speed 
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