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Urine samples !

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Posted:  05-Oct-2018 11:05
Sorry if this has been posted before ( I couldn't find it in a search ).

We have a constant stream ( excuse the pun ) of urine samples being left at reception for testing, many of which have not been requested by a clinician , often in strange containers and sometimes with a note of vague symptoms. My concern ( apart from infection control ) is that somebody with serious symptoms will be missed.
We are about to implement a better triage system , so that this can be addressed, and I have been looking for a protocol or some guidelines that I can use as an argument for tightening up this practice.
has anyone had a similar experience ?
All thoughts and ideas welcome.

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Posted:  05-Oct-2018 14:02 Log in to like this post
all urines left have to be named, dated and times, they should be dipped within 4h of 'production', the pt must complete a form with symptoms, ie fever, abdo pain, when symptoms started, women if they're having their period. We do not dip older age pt urine as research has shown you will often get pos dips so we treat on symptoms, but I can't put my finger on a link at the moment, if I find it I'll post it. If out of time or form not correctly completed urine is discarded. The pt has to transfer it into a urine pot before leaving it.

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Posted:  05-Oct-2018 16:24 Log in to like this post
Is this the one Mika?


This is just my opinion and not an instruction. T&E x

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Posted:  05-Oct-2018 16:42
brilliant thank you ! I shall adapt it and implement it .

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Posted:  06-Oct-2018 16:10
We have this problem too. We are expected to keep booked patients waiting while we dip a constant stream (!) Of urine samples or doing them in breaks. Friday afternoon is the worse when people develop symptoms. Do other practices insist on only accepting those samples that have been requested by a clinician?

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Posted:  07-Oct-2018 23:13
We are blocked a 10 minute slot morning and evening clinic to check urines.Sometimes they are for QQF for ACR check or new patient medicals.
Any abnormal dipstick test we ask on call GP to assess if needs antibiotics.
We have a metal box on the wall in reception for samples to be dropped in


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Posted:  08-Oct-2018 08:48
We once had a sample left in an old bottle of eau de toilette
I couldn't believe the opportunity for puns
It really is taking the ****

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Posted:  07-Nov-2018 07:38
Were trying to do a “slip” system directed by the GP’s so our Nurses including HCA know what the plan is with the samples. However this doesn’t solve the “random” samples waved at busy receptionists with vague instructions from patients.

I think I may suggest that we have a form that is filled in by patients when this happens so we don’t get randoms. Clipped onto the bags that there placed in.

The silly thing at our place is we’re expected to share the samples... but that never happens.

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