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NHS Pension scheme special classes
I am currently part of the NHS pension scheme and am able to retire at 55 as I am " Special Classes". I am now 45. I am looking to move towards Treat....
25 March 2013 04:59 -
Posted by clairesmart - Topic read 277 times today (69 replies)
warfarin and travel
I need some input for an assignment please,senario; 62yr old man travelling to China on a month long holiday with organised tour operator. He has hype....
06 November 2012 07:40 -
Posted by Prissy - Topic read 145 times today (12 replies)
home bp readings
Hi Patient has left me some home readings to review. Lots of highs , and normal. Anyone got a template how we work out if if ok
01 September 2014 08:55 -
Posted by pindi123 - Topic read 18 times today (3 replies)
ear perforation
Has anyone been accused of perforatiing someones ear drum after irrigation - even if when it has been done the eardrum was intact - thanks
06 March 2014 10:17 -
Posted by liverpool4 - Topic read 15 times today (14 replies)
Does the NHS drug test new employees?
My friend has been accepted for an NHS (band 2) job she has been after for a long time. The only thing left is for her is a health check this week whi....
08 May 2012 11:12 -
Posted by n/a - Topic read 7 times today (20 replies)
mirena coils
I had a 49 year old lady come in today who has had her Mirena coil for 5 years-she came for a smear. She was asking me when the coil comes out. I ....
16 January 2013 05:42 -
Posted by Wilma - Topic read 7 times today (42 replies)
How much longer to Feel comfortable in the pn role
Hi all, I've been in my pn post for roughly 18 months, I have developed within the role and attended many courses and some diplomas which I'm very hap....
31 August 2014 07:24 -
Posted by Alfred - Topic read 7 times today (8 replies)
Would you like to choose a book of the month?
We need a new rota for choosing a book of the month when the current list finishes in June. Please reply to this post if you would like to be included....
15 March 2012 11:31 -
Posted by bernie - Topic read 6 times today (33 replies)
Over granulating wound
Hi have a patient with an over granulating wound waiting for silver cell from chemist not sure what to dress it with in the mean time. Any suggestions....
02 January 2013 09:43 -
Posted by pretty&pink - Topic read 6 times today (14 replies)
Your opinions HCA
I am a great supporter of HCAs and been fortunate to train two and work with three wonderful ones. My manager has agreed to allow an equally wonderful....
17 August 2014 09:47 -
Posted by rgn007 - Topic read 5 times today (17 replies)
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43 new jobs this week
Birmingham • Practice Nurse - Iridium Medical Practice
Job Description We are a practice of 13,300 patients keen to recruit a suitably qualified nurse to join our practice nursing team. The individual wil....
This job offer was posted by kensquash 01 September 2014
Dover, Kent • Practice Nurse - The High Street Surgery
Permanent part-time practice nurse required for a busy GP surgery in Dover. Duties to include chronic disease management (COPD and asthma), baby imms....
This job offer was posted by LorraineB 26 August 2014
East of England • Practice Nurse or Nurse Practitioner - Warden Lodge Medical Practice
Warden Lodge Medical Practice Glen Luce Cheshunt ... EN8 8NW WWW.WARD... are looking for an experienced Practice Nurse or....
This job offer was posted by helenmoth 26 August 2014
Gloucestershire • Practice Nurse - Brunston & Lydbrook practice
Part-time Practice Nurse Vacancy for busy four doctor practice at Coleford and Lydbrook in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire... in chronic d....
This job offer was posted by sheilabooth 18 August 2014
SWLondon • Lead Practice Nurse - The Rowans Surgery
Seeking experienced Lead Nurse for our busy practice in Streatham South West London. 30 hours per week, responsible for 2 experienced part time nurses....
This job offer was posted by dDEFONTAINE 18 August 2014
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milton keynes • practice nurse
Experienced Practice Nurse, specialising in CDM, especially diabetes and insulin initiation.Also general nursing skills, cytology , family planning an....
22 August 2014
South • PRACTICE Nurse
I am an experienced PRACTICE Nurse/ ex A&E Matron looking for a vacancy in the Chichester area.
06 August 2014
South East • PRACTICE/Treatment room Nurse
I am seeking a PRACTICE/Treatment room Nurse or similar vacancy in the Chichester area. Many thanks Karen
06 August 2014
Colchester • Practice nurse
Am looking to start a career in general practice - have just over 6 months community experience
03 July 2014
wirral • nurse practitioner/prescriber
I am an advanced practitioner with 10 years prescribing experience, I am looking to move to wirral from Liverpool to be nearer home.
02 July 2014