Site Advertising Rates

We can also offer more significant advertising opportunities as well as advertising on a smaller percentage of our high traffic pages (we can configure campaigns from £50 per month).

To start an advertising campaign then please contact us.

Button 160x160


Small Tower 320x160


Medium Tower 480x160
or Full Banner 468x60


Large Tower 640x160
or Leaderboard 728x90


Full banner is located in page header

Leaderboard is located directly above the posts on each forum page

Email advertising

We can include any size graphic or full banner equivalent space of text on our emails sent to members. Please contact us if you would like to know when the next newsletter will be sent.
Bi-monthly newsletter £250
Weekly digest £100 or £300 for 4 weeks or £600 for 3 months

Site statistics

Click here for latest site visit statistics and email circulation figures