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Aneurysm & spirometry

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Posted:  28-Dec-2012 17:57
How big would a distal aortic aneurysm need to be, to be a contraindication to spirometry?

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Posted:  28-Dec-2012 18:12
Most aneurysms need to be 5cm or more before surgery is undertaken, but I would say that any size would be a contraindication for spiro.

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Posted:  28-Dec-2012 19:14
Umm i think i agree with nemesis on this one...[8)]


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Posted:  02-Jan-2013 12:28
I would use 2 week peak flow diary as alternative for safety reasons


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Posted:  02-Jan-2013 14:31
Any aneurysm is a C/I to Spirometry,

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Posted:  02-Jan-2013 18:32
Now if someone has tested positive for AA in screening - is that a contraindication too?

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Posted:  02-Jan-2013 19:41
Since I first posted the question, I've re-read the PRCS-UK spirometry protocol and it doesn't mention aneurysm as a CI at all....

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Posted:  03-Jan-2013 14:01
As I understand it there are no absolute C/I's to spirometry ,however there are times when it is considered either detrimental to the patient or would affect the results of the spirometry.
Any condition, where an increase in the intra abdominal/ thoracic or cerebral pressure would be detrimental to patient health may need discussion,with either your local respiratory team or consultant.
Hope this helps.
Look up ATS guidelines 1995

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Posted:  04-Jan-2013 07:40
I recently had conflicting advice re AAA and spirometry from the GP's one saying CI wnd another saying nothing documented, think it depends on which guideline you used so I discussed it with the patient gave info on risk and benefit in layman a terms and he declined the test. This guy was on maximum therapy, symptoms controlled and spirometry was recorded 18 months ago so didn't feel it was crucial. If this had been a diagnostic test I may have suggested differently but may have asked the GP to specifically request spirometry with CI information documented and assessed.
Hope this helps
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