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Live vaccines & giving non live vaccines

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Posted:  18-Sep-2013 21:43
Am I correct in thinking that if I've given a live vaccine it is ok to then give a non live vaccine later such as 2 days or 1 week later, it's only the live vaccines that either need to be given at the same time or if not possible 4 weeks later? Gosh I get so confused with all these vaccines I just need to check now & again sorry.

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Posted:  18-Sep-2013 21:47
That's right. And this will apply to PRe-school MMR boosters and fluenz. Will confuse things!

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Posted:  18-Sep-2013 22:10
That is the case with injectable live vaccines. 

Fluenz can be given within 4 weeks (or any other time) of MMR.

The same applies with rotarix and BCG

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Posted:  23-Sep-2013 23:12
Sorry to be really stupid tiredandemotional I'm a bit confused by your reply can you please clarify?
You seem to be saying you don't have to leave 4 weeks between MMR and fluenz as its nasal and not injected. Is this statement correct?

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Posted:  24-Sep-2013 08:30 Log in to like this post
New nurse that is a debateable point.

Some PGD's  will state that Fluenz should be given either With the MMR or 4 weeks apart.
However the green book is contradicting this and saying Fluenz should be given even if MMR has been given within the last 4 weeks. This as I understand it is because the risk of getting Flu outweighs the risk of interfering with the MMR.
In the SPC for Fluenz it states that the immune response to Rubella was significantly altered. However thia alteration might not be of clinical relevance with the two dose immunisation schedule of Rubella vaccine. 
This is the same response in the Green book and so the two can be given at any time.

HOWEVER if your PGD states that they need to be given 4 weeks apart, as mine does, then if you are a non prescriber you will need to get a PSD for those children.

Very very confusing but I understand PGD's were written before the Flu chapter in green book was updated.


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Posted:  27-Sep-2013 20:38
Bumping for Flo111
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