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urine dip stick + red top bottle

1309 Posts

Posted:  30-Apr-2014 22:33
Does anybody uses red top urinesample bottles (in our area for Msu) for urine dipstick test? Never did it myself but was informed by a patient (who is a med doctor) it is ok to use. I would have thought the granueles might interfere with accuracy of result?


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Posted:  30-Apr-2014 22:35
I've never heard of or seen a red topped urine bottle?

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Posted:  30-Apr-2014 22:45
I've never come across any research to suggest the boric acid in a red top container gives any false result on urinalysis.

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Posted:  30-Apr-2014 23:40
Ring lab...local advice not to use dip stick in red topped bottle

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Posted:  01-May-2014 07:59
same as atir


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Posted:  01-May-2014 11:04
we use these and lab says ok to dipstick into them. Best check locally I think to be sure.


363 Posts

Posted:  01-May-2014 11:27
We've been told not to by our lab.

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Posted:  01-May-2014 14:00
I asked my GP this exact question recently and he said no problem. Does not interfere.


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Posted:  01-May-2014 15:46
We are told not to dipstick in red bottles.


1309 Posts

Posted:  01-May-2014 21:50 Log in to like this post
Tx for replies, will check with microbiology tomorrow 

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Posted:  01-May-2014 23:02
In other words no one has any idea lol

83 Posts

Posted:  01-May-2014 23:35
Local policy...as said microbiology will tell you why

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Posted:  02-May-2014 10:30
we were advcied not to use dipstix in red top bottles there are some makes you can use but I dont know which ones . we use white tops for dipping and send red tops to lab painful but it works


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Posted:  05-May-2014 10:08
It looks like our responses are not really helpful. Our lab have said the boric acid granules do not affect a dipstick result so it's fine to do a urinalysis with a sample in a red topped bottle.
As others have suggested, you will need to contact your local lab and find out their view and policy.
An interesting discussion though - it shows how subjective many approaches within healthcare actually are.

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