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disposal of urine sample

21 Posts

Posted:  13-Apr-2015 11:31
Could anyone tell what is the correct procedure to dispose of urine samples. Half our staff put in yellow bag and half empty in loo before putting container in yellow waste. Cant find guidance on this but know it must be out there somewhere lol. if anyone can help i would be grateful

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Posted:  13-Apr-2015 22:33
Speak to your clinical waste collector as they should provide you with the correct yellow boxes/bags and should know the guidance/protocol.  In my area I do not empty urine from bottles before disposal.  Like disposable speculums they go in a large rigid yellow clinical waste box (cant remember if it is yellow or orange lid). 


137 Posts

Posted:  14-Apr-2015 08:37
PHS have some guidelines on this, basically it's lid back on and into the yellow/orange bag/bin.

21 Posts

Posted:  14-Apr-2015 10:29
Thanks loads

21 Posts

Posted:  14-Apr-2015 10:32
Any idea of title of guidelines, getting demanding now lol

137 Posts

Posted:  14-Apr-2015 16:41
Search -PHS Safe management of healthcare waste 2008, there may be a more recent one I'm not sure

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Posted:  14-Apr-2015 17:13

thanks Claire 

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Posted:  15-Apr-2015 08:37
We use the gel sachets in the urine pots and dispose in the yellow bags
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Posted:  15-Apr-2015 14:25
Are any of you using the new bottles with a needle in the lid for vacutainer bottles? We have to collect all at end of day, empty down toilet, put lids in a sharps bin and the bottles in a clinical waste bin!! All very annoying and not a favourite job for us HCS,s ,any other suggestions would be welcome, not sure if our PM would go for the gel packs due to cost.

306 Posts

Posted:  16-Apr-2015 13:49
'half [the people] empty down the loo and half [the people] screw the lid on and put in the clinical waste bin'

[;)] you must have surveyed nurses! (I tend to put lid on and pull both my gloves over the bottle so its gift wrapped before putting in the bin!) ... some of our GP's pour it down the sink!!!! I KNOW, I KNOW!, I go mad, but they don't listen!, thats a sink for getting hands CLEAN!!! ... but time and time again they do it!. Might as well bang my head against the wall![B)]

156 Posts

Posted:  24-Jun-2016 15:26
We were told on Weds, at infection control training, that we must not put bottles with urine in into yellow bags. Need to empty down loo - or preferably give back to Patient!!


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Posted:  25-Jun-2016 14:44
We started giving the remaining urine back to the patient in its container, asking them to reuse next time.  It seems to work well, and saves us having to dispose of milk bottles, jam jars, wine bottles, or on one occasion a cardboard gravy granule container (actually that one went in yellow bag).  We only get 20 universal containers from the lab per week so have to buy them in. Reusing saves money too.

89 Posts

Posted:  27-Jun-2016 06:07
We have a dirty sink like a sluice which we put urine down and then put container in the yellow bag
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