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private ear irrigation service at home?

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Posted:  15-Apr-2017 10:53
So I've been thinking about this for a while and not really done anything with it as not sure if its possible but thought I'd throw it out there and see if I get any feedback. Some practices in my area are no longer irrigating ears, dn's stopped a long time ago, my practice still is but I can see this changing soon. Possible small business idea? First thing that bothers me is charging people (Im a nurse this just seems wrong) but I am qualified with lots of experience! Second litigation - but as long as the procedure is well explained and documented (as we all do anyway) along with signed consent and obviously be well insured!

As I said Im just typing my thoughts at the moment! anyone know of a similar service? Not many on a quick google search, wondering if there is a reason for this. Any thoughts or comments would be really appreciated...good or bad :)

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Posted:  16-Apr-2017 09:08
Our surgery has stopped too and yes it crossed my mind to start a business. But like you litigation and charging the patients. I thought about my transport I'd have a small van park up outside and patients would have treatment in the van. However what about those who simply can't afford the service where do they stand???? I even thought up a company name . However I think I'd get bored doing the same thing day in day out.
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Posted:  16-Apr-2017 09:44
In Liverpool there's several companies that already offer this service. I think one of my patients paid £75 for bilateral and it was micro suctioned not irrigation. Same day service and the patient was very pleased....

5 Posts

Posted:  16-Apr-2017 19:18
Oh interesting! Thank you both for replying! I'm still just looking into it but really appreciate your comments!!

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Posted:  16-Apr-2017 19:54
I practice privately as a Registered nurse providing ear irrigation. I think your success in terms of it being a viable business depends upon a) the provision locally (CCG) b) the provision locally (private) c) whether you can charge competitively. Personally I am considering whether to update my training due limited number of clients...

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Posted:  19-May-2017 11:30
i too have been thinking of this as an idea for small business but was unsure re insurance etc?
i was thinking of being mobile say in nursing homes/ patients homes too/
i am about to start doing irrifgation at a private audiology clinic where they would pay me £ 20 per pt for 30 min slot( they already have another nurse there providing this service)
any ideas/comments gratefully accepted

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Posted:  22-May-2017 08:12
research the locality well first, often the type of clients that need this done such as elderly, most likely are not able to pay much
have you thought about joining up with someone else who may also have a home visiting service, such as a mobile hairdresser, you could offer a combined service, that way you could travel together, reducing overall costs which means you could offer a more competative rate, which would increase business

5 Posts

Posted:  31-May-2017 11:28
thanks for all replies. Does anyone know what the cost of private insurance is likely to be for ear irrigation services?I am still unsure re working in this private ear clinic, they have told me they would pay cash in hand?

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Posted:  31-May-2017 13:28
I've been quoted just under £900 per year with £2000 excess

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Posted:  14-Jan-2018 22:21
Bumped up 

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Posted:  15-Jan-2018 06:09
Check what's being done locally as in some places the hearing aid shops (think that includes certain chains) are already providing the service and I know of several retired ENT surgeons also doing it!
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