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changing jobss

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Posted:  04-Jul-2018 20:57
I have been unhappy in my job as a practice nurse for a while now. I recently applied for a position in another surgery but did not get the job, I did not tell my work about applying for a new job but it is a small world and my manager made a comment that he new I went for an interview and that I did not get the job, he said he is very good friends with the practice manager in the other surgery (hard to believe as it is miles away from my surgery)..i am annoyed that nothing is confidential anymore. I don't get on with my manager as he does not treat myself and my colleagues right, he was sarcastic about the whole thing..i am really annoyed, sorry just have to rant to get it off my chest x


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Posted:  05-Jul-2018 06:45
Poor you the whole incident shows a real lack of professionalism on their part. It is hard enough changing jobs and going through the whole application and interview process to then breach your privacy in such a casual manner.  

Vent away, I hope you feel better today and are planning your escape plan. The one consolation I can offer is that other practice do not sound like they would be a good place to start a new job.

good luck with your job search :)

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Posted:  05-Jul-2018 08:04
I think you have cause to complain about your confidentiality being broken, it is very unprofessional of the other practice manager to discuss your application. This breach of confidence could have serious implications in your current post. Hope something turns up for you very soon.

This is my interpretation of the available information but not the law!

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Posted:  05-Jul-2018 09:34
That is a horrible situation to find yourself in.

HOWEVER I’d be 100% certain they did tell your manager first, because it may have been someone closer to home. Your manager could be misleading you as to where he got his information, to protect someone else. Really unprofessional if it was the interviewer. But you never know.

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Posted:  05-Jul-2018 18:10
thanks for replying, It has helped me having this rant, I feel very low at work as we are just not treat right at all, I feel even lower now. My manager is not professional at all and does not care about people, one nurse did something wrong and the whole surgery got to know about it as he openly talked about her mistake. I cant wait to leave, its a shame xx


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Posted:  10-Jul-2018 14:36
Hi Maggy, 

Sorry to hear that.
where do you work?
I am leaving my current job due to travel, so if you are interested please let me know.
I work in Fulham.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Posted:  10-Jul-2018 18:56
hi i am in Newcastle so too far away for me but thanks x

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